Hot Nuts DIY

After I saw roasted nuts at a local purveyor being deep fried I thought maybe a somewhat healthier way exists.

Well I found it.

And hot every time too.

I take a handful of raw nuts ie cashews, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, hazelnuts and put on a microwave safe plate or paper plate and microwave them for approx 2 minutes depending on size of handful. I watch them after about a minute and a half to get it right. They will turn to burn if not careful. They sorta sizzle and smell good when ready. I put some salt on first. Salt doesn’t stick super well. The nuts do come out great tho. Hot and roasted. I’ve added reaper pepper powder at end for HOT nuts but yeah gotta be careful with those fingertips and what they touch unless you really like …

Anyone else use this technique?

It’s cost effective to buy a large bag of raw nuts and then do the trick as wanted with a serving.

I know there is room for improvement but I like the convenience of fresh hot nuts. Who doesn’t?


Sounds interesting, but I’m thinking you may want to put the salt on after, as the oils released during heating would probably help the salt to stick. Also as you probably know, flake salt best, as it won’t roll off.


Good tip. I do before and after and then sort of roll them around in the salt as I eat them. I’ll try that kind of salt. I only have kosher salt which is part of the problem. Thank you.

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Why would that be a problem? My Kosher is Diamond Crystal and is quite flaky, and sticks well.

BTW… I do seeds and nuts in a skillet… may take a little longer but have more control and works great.


I actually use Superior Crystal salt (formerly known as Diamond Crystal) for this sort of thing. Its slogan is “the finer salt” and it is extremely fine and powdery. Sticks to everything incredibly well. Best salt ever for popcorn.


Thanks for the help !

Thanks I like the microwave makes it super ez for when I just don’t want to deal and want a quick snack. For some reason that salt i use doesn’t stick that well. It’s not a big problem I sort of wipe it on nut by nut on plate. I’m still in the experimental phase here. I have the timing down on the microwave after the first few times but I don’t really measure stuff. I’m that kind of cook. Has its pros and cons.

I have a blade type coffee grinder that I use to grind spices. It does a nice job of pulverizing salt. I started using it for that when I couldn’t find any plain popcorn salt in the stores here.


Thanks good idea!

2 minutes just enough time to pour a tequilla


I’ve started using a fine grain hickory smoked salt from the SF Salt Co and it works great, and sticks well to the nuts when they come out of the microwave. It’s essentially the same as in those cans of diamond smoked almonds. I still like starting with raw cashews the best.