Hot hand sliced pastrami at Best Market, Holmdel

At the smoke house at the front of the store, $ 10 a lb. It was delishus.

They slice it by hand right in front of you, just like Katz.


Looks delicious! I am heading over to Best Market later today. There is even a coupon in their circular - the one that comes in the Asbury Park Press - for BOGO Free combo meals. I hope the pastrami is included as a combo meal as well.

I believe they did offer it on a combo meal ( $8?) or as a sandwich as well.

I had rye bread and half sours at home from farmers market, so I just went for the meat.

Just picked it up on the way home. A pound each of pastrami and brisket.

Pastrami is excellent. Brisket is ok…a little tough. But I like the flavor and I’d try it again.

Edit: just tasted a little more. Tough is probably not the right word, it’s definitely dry though.

I’ve got to remember this when I’m in that area, just not a place I think of for this kind of food. Thanks for the reminder.

Welcome to why I love you HOs…never heard of this place, but I see it’s easy off/on the GSP, so I’ll have to stop in on my way home from work one night. Thx!

This is my go-to market for cheap meat and produce in our area. They always have ridiculous deals here, and a lot of no roll beef at really good prices.

Had the pulled pork at the bbq counter a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised!

i’ve been shy about going there for meat b/c all the flyers fail to list a USDA CHOICE, sometimes it just says inspected or sometimes nothing all together…but agree prices are great- and they actually have a decent wine selection too…

That’s exactly it. If you look at their flyer most of their meat says “N/R.” These are USDA inspected but not graded so generally speaking they won’t be as well marbled as a proper USDA choice cut but you can find some decent cuts in there usually.

I am currently live posting the fact that I’m shopping with Mr. and Mrs. Seal at best mkt! Unplanned! Ran into each other in the parking lot !


We were sad that the BBQ section was closed already, but then I spotted this, and it made up for it–at least, a little! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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After dinner at Nemo, we were only about 5 miles from this place so we thought - why not?

Well, besides the joy of running into @CurlzNJ and having great fun bsing while we shopped, for starters the bbq section was closed. The meat was meh at best. The prices weren’t great on anything besides the produce. I could go on.

And yet…a fun trip! :blush:

It’s definitely not a high end market by any means. If you’re looking for quality stuff you will be disappointed. But at least every other week they have some seriously good meat prices. Gotta check the circular before you go though! I mean where else can you get chuck roasts for 2.99 and whole chicken for .79c these days?

I thought the rib steaks at 4.99/lb were pretty good. Haven’t cooked them yet though :smiley:

Anyone know what the skirt steak prices are here nowadays?

I buy steaks there often and they are really good.

It’s Nebraska corn fed Angus.

I find it as good as Costco.

At best market $ 6.99 a lb.

I showed up a little before 7 to find the BBQ station closed :confused: sigh.

I decided to get a laugh and cruise down to union square. About the only two spots that have made it there are the house of chong and tallercios. What a wreck of a strip mall. Half the place is vacant …well maybe not half but it seemed that way. I ended up with a fratellis slice.