Hot hand sliced pastrami at Best Market, Holmdel

Maybe not the Best Market anymore.

It’s been a while since we were last at Best Market in Holmdel. For starters I was shocked to find out that they had closed the smoked meat section entirely over 3 months ago. Going down the list, the diary is expensive, the meat is slightly cheaper than some markets but the skirt steak I just ate was likely not even choice much less prime ( what did I expect?), their breads are not as good as LIDL, their cat food was 50% higher priced than I usually pay, and their liquor is also expensive. Perhaps my final visit.


Had the same impression while on the hunt for turkey legs…I was too early for the legs everywhere I tried but I saw no reason to return. Plus the entire store should be cleaned. The apple bins were filthy.

Didn’t I read Lidl was taking over the space?


thought I read that as well re Lidl, which will be a huge improvement most likely based on what I saw last time I was there and what is described above.
Will be interesting to see Lidl in an upper income town like Holmdel for sure; however I think it will do pretty well.


The bakery alone will attract folks I think.

I had been going there regularly over the last few months because it is closer than Shop Rite. While I still love their steaks, I had a pretty bad experience with their chicken two weeks ago and have not been back. As much as I complain about Shop Rite’s prices, overall, they cannot be beaten.

And the bakery is practically non-existent, though I do enjoy their bagels.

As for pricing:
Meats are pretty much on par with everyone else.
Produce is hit or miss.
Packaged goods are much higher.
Liquor prices are through the roof.

I didnt hear that. They just moved in so I doubt they would move so quickly but I guess you never know.

@seal I was at best market sunday. They had the cheaper skirt steak and the 10.99 a pound stuff that looked amazing! You should have seen the marbling in a few of the ones on display. I think the regular was on sale for 5 a pound. You wont see skirt like that at shoprite. They get some good prime ribeye, porters and strips but not skirt like that…at least Middletown doesn’t.

The reason you go to best market is to get cold cuts imo…best pricing around. Also, a few sale items are good buys. It is worth driving a mile from shoprite for their coldcut pricing.

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While I know it’s a bit of a hike for you, BJ’s wholesale in Ocean has excellent cold cuts. Dietz and Watson, my personal favorite brand, for $6.99 lbs for most of their products. Acme carries them and their prices are generally north of $9.99lbs for most of their meats.

Unfortunately their meats/butcher section doesn’t hold a candle to Costco though. They used to have pre-packaged prime cuts, but I don’t even think they carry that anymore.

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I haven’t been to bjs in years. Best market will have sales and that is the spot near me for good prices. With bj I would have to get a membership and it is farther away.

FYI they are running special. Just signed up myself. 25 bucks for the year or a free trial for three months.

Cool. Maybe I will go over and check it out since it has been some years. Can I ask for the trial in person?

not sure- I saw it as a “coupon” in the Thursday circulars we get with the grocery flyers, but I’m sure its not hard to find. I just went with the 25 online offer as I figured for 25 its worth a shot.

I like Sams and Costco better but it’s so much closer its worth it for many things (meat at Costco is def way better) but I like BJ’s lets you use their coupons and stack with regular ones, plus they have multiple brands on stuff as opposed two usually one @ Costco. Also the cold cuts like Jr said, possibly saves a trip if you need other stuff.

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Does Acme still carry Dietz & Watson since they switched to Boar’s Head? I prefer Boar’s Head so order their products but always thought D&W was good as well.

Honestly I can’t tell you, it’s been several years since I’ve looked at their deli counter. (And thanks to my new Shop Rite at least a year since I’ve stepped foot inside one)

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congratulations to you and your family!
Great looking meal @Scubadoo97

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One down :+1:

:+1: ha!

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