Hot Dog Roller Grills…

I’ve mentioned before about the Orange Julius hot dogs of my childhood. They were always cooked on a roller grill, and were amazingly juicy.

Obviously the ones they used did many dogs and were probably pretty pricey… but I just did a Webstaurant search and found a number of them that were pretty cheap. If any of these are as good as they look, they would be great for dogs, sausages, and anything tubular.

Any of you use one of these?

Yes, in the previous century at a concessions cart summer job. Don’t remember much except that every now and then the rollers would get sticky and instead of rolling freely, a dog would get moved forward until it dropped on the floor.

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Not me, at least not yet. I’d open my mind to the possibility if I only cooked straight, rollable sausages. Probably not in the cards for artificially-cased hot dogs.

I’m not sure natural casing dogs go with roller grills.
The grease/juice factor would be off the charts.

I’m not sure, either. I doubt it.

Although, somewhere in my prior OP about even browning, there was raised the prospect of staightening the curve. Maybe a Peyronie’s medication?