hot dog envy (westchester)

After reading about hot dogs in the (very active) New Jersey thread,I’m in the mood for a good but realistically priced hot dog and fries/onion rings. Westchester’s claim to fame is Walters - which I enjoy (occasionally) but barely reaches the definition of a hot dog and certainly is not reasonably priced nor is Nathans. I think a truck or dive is needed…but need recommendations. Nothing against Jersey or Ct. but please Westchester only. Even a market selling anything interesting.

Sorry, Rich. The only dogs I know are at Nathans and Epsteins! I don’t think they qualify!

No hotdogs ? = food wasteland :frowning: .
Gwenn - Did you ever make it to red hat?
I’ve still not tried it but if you do get over there,their is a rock and mineral shop in a separate
bldg. His prices are high,but he has some truly amazing stuff - well worth looking at, even if it usually is something of no interest.

@richb51 Haveyou ever been to Lubins and Links in Tarrytown? I pass by it all the time but I’ve never been in. I like hot dogs but only once in a while and I usually grill them at home. It may be worth a try though.

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Lubins & Links is great. I go there often with my brood - the dogs & lubins (tender brisket on a roll) are delicious and they have great sides like mac & cheese so everyone is happy. Plus it’s not expensive either. They catered my hubby’s graduation party a few years ago. So good. It’s a tiny place, and easy to miss but definitely worth checking out. The toppings on the dogs are really inventive too!

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Sorry, Rich I seem to be losing my memory! Are we talking about Red Hat in Irvington?

yes,but it might hve been someone else who was considering going (my memory ain’t what it used to be either)

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I was in tarrytown on Sunday and Lubin Links was closed - from the sign out front , I’m not sure if it was permanent or just because it was Sunday. I went to pik-nik instead. Most of the bbq I’ve tried locally (including pik-nik) I find to be mediocre. I bought fried chicken instead, which ,I believe they only make weekends. It is very good, but the pieces are cut (hacked) very oddly and it really is priced too high

Where is Lubin Links?

lubin & links is in tarrytown - 38 main street- small front door easy to overlook, but the closed sign said something about moving on to the next phase (?)

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But any of the places around here depend on toppings and (perhaps) different sausages. What I’m looking for is a place like swanky franks (rip) or super duper weenie (too far). Just a basic good hot dog.Bring back “cooks” in Larchmont!

Angel’s Hot Dog Truck on north side of Central Ave in south Yonkers. After passing Cross County Shopping Center and where Toys R Us used to be, and where Central Ave bears right. A little beyond and across from the closed Boulder Creek Steakhouse.
Been there forever. Has hot dogs and sausages. I like them a lot, but then again I have yet to meet a hot dog that I didn’t like. I like mine with mustard and kraut, nothing fancy. It is a bit of a schlep, but worth a try if you are in the area or feel like driving down that way.


I’ve been driving past this truck for years! Will definitely stop next time I’m in the area - thanks!

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Nothing special about Angels. They used to make great spicy onions, but they haven’t been good for decades.

Raffi’s on Jackson Ave has great home made onion sauces, hot and mild, and Peruvian dishes several days a week. Also very unique burritos that are excellent, and not all filler of rice and beans. Plus other stuff, including an all meat chili for hot dogs, burgers, etc. that you can buy to take home as well.

@mq7070 Hi mq and welcome to Hungry Onion! Nice to see you on the boards. Do you know of any other worthwhile food trucks in the area?

Not really. I like the Teca taco truck in New Rochelle.

I really dislike the ones on Central ave in Yonkers. Overpriced and not very good. Also I have tried some of the pizza and bbq trucks at farmers markets. pretty bad.

two good trucks that I recommend-
teca’s tacos at city park(called something else now)
and for pizza abeetz truck -have to check weekly on-line for where they will be
also had some really good pizza at LaRosa in New Rochelle- the original modern location on russell ave.

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Just saw this:

Gwenn -
Since they opened on my birthday, I’ll have to give it a try (although I’m sure I’d get there anyway).
I’ve been passing the new Walter’s in W.P. -they’re still working on it - I would go there too,but with the expectation of it being just like Mamk. - good for a change, but only ok. Dog Den is definitely a “to try” place,but I’m still looking for a good dog - not good toppings - their is a difference.