hot dog envy (westchester)

An update- 2 new places in the county- Tried tailgate dog in New Rochelle (opened by the former cfo of Fairway)." The classic" a beef dog with mustard onions and kraut (I think the kraut was missing) .The skin had no snap - just rubbery tough,all on a martin potato bun,that was really too big for this size dog.Fries (others loved) I didn’t like -some sort of puffy/curly fry,almost like a weird chip. The other is Dog Den at what used to be the bus stop at W.P. train . Didn’t try him,but he is using Sabrett with natural casing and will cook them any way you want - lots of different toppings. Then I saw a story on CT. Bites about an old stand in Wilton - THAT IS WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR - Heibecks or something like it.

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I find that a lot, Rich, even when I make them at home. And the Martins, while great for burgers, really are much too big for a regular size dog!

I agree! I wish King’s Hawaiian would come out with a sweet hot dog bun. It would be a perfect counterpart to a good, snappy, garlicky hot dog!


I tried the Dog Den in White Plains today. Lots of toppings and good (sabrett?) dogs,cooked any way you like. both were grilled and split and toasted martin potato bun. Very good but again the bun is much too big although they did fill it well with a lot of toppings. I think some sort of split double dog with less topping would be better. I’m guessing if someone asked they would make it that way. Crinkle fries were typical but good. Their was a long wait to receive the food as they were busy so the fries came later.I asked for a second can of pepsi and the can looked much different. When I looked at the first can it had Michael Jackson on it - had to wonder how old that was !

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Don’t worry about the Michael Jackson on your Pepsi - it wasn’t an old soda! Pepsi is reissuing its throwback label and features stars on it too - Britney, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, etc.

Lubins & Links recently closed. Very sad to be lubin-less. From what I remember, the owner had a 2nd home in DR that he longed to visit more often. Can’t say I blame him.