Hot carob drink recs?

I’m getting off of caffeine and want to try carob as a substitute for coffee. Can anyone recommend a carob powder that mixes well with water? Also, assuming I’m successful in the transition, are there k-cups available with carob? Thanks.

It’s not all carob, but for non-coffee Teeccino makes a great substitute. I recieved a sample pack for free at some point last year and was surprised at how much i liked it (i’m a dedicated and enthusiastic coffee drinker). Their website offers various sample assortments so you can try various flavors- it’s also available at stores like whole foods in single flavors, but significantly cheaper on their website. The nut flavors sound tasty

Thanks. It apparently is brewed like coffee so it could cause a traffic jam at the Cuisinart in the mornings. The sample pack idea sounds great, though, if I can figure out the morning logistics. In the mean time I’ve found Chatfield’s carob powder which is an instant mix.

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