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On the way home from taking my son to a open house at Rider University he wanted to stop for lunch. He loves wings and I wanted an update on the games, so he found a near by Hooters. I haven’t been to one in 20± years but what the heck, worst case scenario I see the games and enjoy the other vistas!

Well guess what…their wings are VERY good. Without a doubt the meatiest wings I’ve ever had and their chili is pretty dam good too. For what we ordered, and the type of place it is, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m honestly shocked to say.

FYI- I swear to God, I use to read the articles in Playboy too!

Hey NJr:

That’s interesting. I stopped going to Hooters 20 years ago after having only been served execrable (yet overpriced) food.

To quote the Dude: “They treat objects like women, man!” Prolly never will try them again…


We had a Hooters nearby and it closed quite a few years back. Scenery was good but the food slowly went down hill over the years. You want some good wings, head on down to the Jug Handle Inn in South Jersey. Countless awards for their wings and you will likely see a 1/3 rooster, 1/3 chicken, 1/3 duck running around outside too. There is also a titty bar / motel just up the road for after dinner entertainment ! PS: If someone asks where you have been, plead the 5th

Hi NotJ,

I have been to Hooters about 3-4 times in my life. I actually enjoyed it a lot the first time – liked their wings. Subsequently, I expanded to try all their other menu items…

I have to say, their wings are head and shoulders above many of their items. I haven’t been back there. I know it is very ironic, but I truly liked their wings, yet I think if I go back alone – no one will think I only went back to eat their wings. I haven’t been back there for years (I feel like I need a company to go back there)

My parents went to Hooters at least a few times a month. They loved the wings and the steam pot.

Nowadays they just call in the order. Ok, understandable. …except my Ma goes to Hooters to pick up the food…

My Dad is officially old. :worried:

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If you like their wings so much, why wouldn’t you go there by yourself and have a dozen?

I think NotJr suggested the reason. If I bring Playboy to my office to read their articles, how many people will believe me?

Playboy? What is it, 1974?

But seriously - if you’re a fan of the wings, go for it. I don’t remember ever having them, but I’m not exactly part of the focus group :smiley:

I remember their wings being decent! They’re more the “dry” sort, as I remember, not wet BBQ/buffalo wings.

The last time I was in a Hooters was in college, though. My friends and I got kicked out, almost violently, after enjoying a big plate of wings. One of my roommates was a near-champion hula hooper, and loved to challenge people to hula hoop contests. When a Hooters girl started hula-hooping, he ran over excitedly and said, “I can beat you!” She screamed at what she thought was a violent threat, ran away, and soon the thug of a manager was shouting at us about threatening his girls, shoving us out of the place. Hey, free wings, though!

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Yeah. Oh crap. :sweat_smile:

Interesting side note, have you heard that Playboy has announced it will no longer feature nude models? No joke.

Yep. NPR did a piece about that, and I think this news has been discussed in different media as well.

So just to put things in perspective Boston Otter, I’m that friend. That’s exactly the type of stuff that routinely happens to me.


Glad that you two long lost friends have finally found each other.

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I use to do a lot of business entertaining down in the Cherry Hill area, dinners at Steak 38, and afterward a few cocktails at a place similar to what you describe in Cinnaminson(?), does that sound right?

When I recently dined at Seasons 52 they had duck wings on the menu as an appetizers, I was so close to ordering them. I will the next time for sure.

There were a few guys there solo, sitting at tables or just sitting at the bar, eating and watching the games. I don’t think you need to be self conscious about it at all. One guy in particular caught my attention because this particular location (Rt. 1 across from the Quaker Bridge Mall, in your area I think?) it was seat yourself, and he sat himself, alone, at a 6 top table. lol

I say next time your in the mood, give the wings a try.

Well again, my comments are only regarding their wings, not the rest of their food. I went there very apprehensiveness, but thought my 17 year old son would enjoy the experience (since he found the location on his phone) I truly thought even the wings would be “fair” at best. I was happily surprised. Wings aren’t my thing…but my son loves them so I oblige when I can.

Yes. This location. Across the Canal Discount Liquor Store.

Nah, the wings were good, but they are not the very best from heaven. I probably have a stronger urgent to try Korean fried chicken. Still, I do remember Hooter’s chicken wings being good.

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Yes the Jug is in Cinnaminson. Nothing to look at on the outside or the inside but very good food, especially the wings. Medium garlic work for us. Does get noisy and a little raunchy after 9pm.

I live less than an hour from the first Hooters, so it’s kinda been an institution here for a long, long time.

Wings are good – burgers are better – but there are better wings at other Tampa-area chains, so we tend to go to other wing joints, just because we prefer the wings at other places. Hooters is a good bet over any fast food, any day.

Had I still been in college when Hooters was started, you can damn straight bet I would’ve been putting in an application. The Hooters waitresses I knew made a damned good living – and it’s not like they’re dancing on the tables. The uniforms are less revealing than what you’d see on the beach 15 minutes from the original location…