[Hong Kong] Tasty Congee & Wonton Noodle Shop 正斗粥麵專家

We wanted to eat more simple food after several days of big heavy Chinese meal. So we opted for some wanton mee for dinner in the reputable Tasty. We went to the Central IFC branch.

The wanton noodle was good, with a good balance of shrimp and meat and taste, while the noodles was very “elastic” or springy.

The barbecue pork noodle used the same noodle as wanton soup. Noodle was good, barbecue pork or char shiu, I think I have eat much better else where.

Har gow

Deep-fried meat dumpling

Baked fish belly - crispy fish

I like the baked fish belly, while husband wasn’t a fan. My favourite was still the wanton noodle, the rest of the dishes were alright. Except when the bill came, we found it expansive compared to other more refined restaurants, which charged more or less the same. e.g. Paradise Dynasty. About $200HKD per person. (OK to be fair, we ordered quite a lot for 2 persons too)

Will I come again? Maybe just for the wanton noodle or for the congee which I didn’t try this time.

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop
Shop 3016 – 18,
3/F, International Finance Centre,
1 Harbour View Street, Central.
2295 0101

No need for reservation, need to ask for a ticket when arrive to wait for your turn.


This is one of my go-to places for “comfort food” each time I come to Hong Kong. You have to try their congee - it’s put on their name for obvious reasons. :grin:

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The BBQ pork looks a bit too lean.

How’s their har gau and dumpling?

You should give Mak’s a try if you have a chance, if you are in the mood for wonton noodles again. Here’re my notes from last year:

Right, and it was too lean, and it was like as if it was cooked with some both after the bbq process, which was weird.

They were alright, better than the ones in France, but nothing very special when compared to restaurants more specialised with dim sum, like Ming Court for example.

Thanks, I will remember that!

Thanks for the recommendation…I will see if I have the chance, still staying for 1 more week.