[Hong Kong] Favorite chicken tart/ gai pie?

One of my favorite pastries in Hong Kong- the chicken tart, gai pie (not to be confused with the totally different Taiwanese g-pie), or 雞批, is a miniature savory tart that is widely available at pastry shops. Originally imported from the U.K., now the locals have adapted the chicken pie into a local version. Ingredients vary, but chunks of chicken, ham, mushroom and onions seasoned with shaoxing wine, soy sauce in a Cantonese bechamel thickened with corn starch, in a buttery crust whose top is sliced into a criss-cross diamond pattern. Savory and delicious.

Strolled by Kam Fung in Wanchai unplanned one day. Cannot resist their hot-off-the-oven chicken tarts. Too hot to touch or even eat. Had to wait a few minutes. $12 each. Moist chicken seasoned well. Very good. Perfect walk-around snack.

Kam Fung
G/F, No.41 Spring Garden Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

What other chicken pies do people like? Name your pies!


I have ate several bought at Maxim’s and Saint Honore in the past, didn’t think much of that because most of the time, they were “soft” sitting around too long. They were better if just out from oven still warm with a crispy crust.

Didn’t know about this or even the soy sauce part. I don’t think I have ever come across that.