[Hong Kong] Favorite beef brisket noodle?

Beef brisket noodle, usually in clear beef broth and with hor fun, is quite popular in Hong Kong. There are specialist beef brisket noodle shops. There are the quite well known ones- Kau Kee 九記牛腩, Sister Wah 華姐清湯腩, etc. How do you like them? What other bowls do you like? Special cuts that you get?

Sun Sin 新仙清湯腩咖哩專門店 in Yau Ma Tei .

Skirt steak flat rice noodle 爽腩

Boneless short rib rice noodle 坑腩

Both had very tender meat in flavorful beef broth without MSG. I’d skip the rice noodle and just get the flat noodle.

While we were eating, one of their employees brought in too big plastic bags of raw beef bones. He told the other employee that those cost $300. That’s where the broth came from, right there.

Didn’t try the curry side of the house.

The beef brisket noodles from their competitor across the street, Macao Yuen Kee Noodles, was not as convincing, despite posting photos of celebrities like Andy Hui. Stick to Sun Sin.