Honey Cake, not the delicious Russian version

(Dan) #41

ROFL…now is not the time for a Rooster fail😂

(Dan) #42

All done. Just have to find the cake stand😊
I don’t plan to use icing so it looks pretty craggy but it smells really good; like a honeycomb.


Nice! I usually use a brush with melted butter to coat the mold, it is more sure than spray, which you need to make sure you use enough (maybe apply twice) and everywhere.

(Andrea) #44

Nice work!

I hope she likes it :slight_smile:

(Dan) #45

I hope so because I cut a piece from the underside and found it very bland. Needs apple butter or something spread on a slice. to wake up the cake.


Often honey cake tastes best the next day. If it still tastes bland toasting slices before serving might help.

(Dan) #47

That’s what I’m hoping. :crossed_fingers:

(saregama) #48

So pretty! I’m sure the flavor will deepen as it sits. Great job!

(Dan) #49

Wife liked the cake but loved the gesture. It needed more flavor. We spread apple jam on slices.

Thxs all!


Will you make another one? Now you know everything. :yum:

(Dan) #51

Hardly! I know that recipe was too bland. Figuring out the spices is really the key. SK recipe I would try. Just to compare.


I just checked out the ingredients of SK recipe, actually I’m wondering if it is similar to the French Pain d’épice. I ate long time ago a honey one, really good and moist, a dream!

Now you made me want to make one too!


I made the Carrot Honey Layer Cake again. The Honey Cream Cheese Frosting is the true winner, but make sure you use Philadelphia-brand cream cheese. I haven’t had success with this type of frosting using other brands of cream cheese. This time I used cheapo ALDI honey. By itself, you could taste the honey in the frosting, but, fully assembled, the honey flavor in the frosting and cake was overpowered by the spices. This could be a good thing if you don’t want the flavor of honey to come through. However, I will go back to using a stronger, unfiltered honey next time. (ATK recommends Nature’s Nate brand.) The cake part is more like a honey cake, both in terms of being a quickbread and the spicing. Overall, I enjoyed it again. There are no nuts or dried fruits, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your disposition or mood.

(Dan) #54

Stunning looking.