Honey Cake, not the delicious Russian version

As the recipe, I’m pretty sure, was from a mid century newspaper, it’s probably intended for industrial stuff. I used a 50-50 mix of a good quality local one and a decent Trader Joe’s brand. Its intense flavors came through more than it’s sweetness, which I’d consider a perk. Let’s see what the kids (oh god, caffeine) think :slight_smile:

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Good luck whichever recipe you choose!

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Much appreciated and I trust your family will enjoy your honey cake! Food is love…baking is the hug…that’s what my Aunt would say.


Yes, that’s usually how it’s done.


Well put!

BTW, I served it tonight with a honey ice cream (Three Twins brand), and it went over well. It benefits from sitting-- tasted much better at 8pm than 8am. Mainly, the coffee flavor toned down, and let the honey flavor come through. Also easier to get out of the pan at 8pm.

It definitely has a “spice cake” kind of profile. I’d cut the amount of cloves to 1/4 - 1/3 tsp.

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Good to know because its a surprise for my wife.

So sweet of you to make a surprise cake for your wife.

(Mod side note, I’m moving this thread to “cooking discussions > baking”.)

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@naf, ok with me (Mod stuff)…but I was already feeling the pressure😉about baking. Let me post results first, lol.

Relax, I failed so many times so miserably with baking. Unlike cooking one can improvise much more. Baking, the ingredients needs to be exact in weight, and the steps. Sometimes I need to do it at least twice or three times to understand from the errors, but then the satisfaction if you make something great!

I made a bunch of notes but I am more concerned about the warm spice mix.

Concerned how? Just substitute spices you know she likes vs what’s in the recipe. For eg, I don’t like overwhelming cinnamon - I use a pinch, add more cardamom which I love, and round it out with tiny amounts of nutmeg and allspice.

Does she like the pumpkin-spiced things that take over every fall? That’s a good warm spice mix reference.

My wife is fussy about warm spices. I might do without this time and test combos another time just to be sure. She loves honey. I like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg even allspice but the cake is a surprise for her…

Well, it’s pumpkin spice season… May be conducive to a little sleuthing in which of the spices she hates without giving away the surprise :thinking:

Bad timing, she is on a trip with friends and the surprise is part of dinner the night she returns. If I ask my SIL she will spill the beans🙃

Tough. I’d skip the spices then.

I did. I used this recipe to be safe. I didnt have OJ so I used peach juice.

It’s in the oven now. My next concern is getting the cake out of the bundt pan in tact. I did what was suggested and used a heavy coating of TJs cooking spray. :crossed_fingers:

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Okay. Now we wait 30 mins to turn out… all that crackle looking cake has me concerned.

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Haha, moment of truth… I get nervous every single time.

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I just checked and the sides are pulling away from the pan…:crossed_fingers:

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Bundt cakes can sense fear.