Homemade Pizza

Homemade Jersey Shore thin crust pizza with salami, sassage, bacon, hamburger, onion and fresh hatch chilis:

There’s mine, let’s see yours…


Nice pies, I made a small sausage and fried onion pizza a few weeks ago:

Used half of Lehmann’s recipe for NY style crust: http://www.pizzamaking.com/lehmann-nystyle.php


I haven’t made pizza in a while - not since we moved. I’m concerned that my new oven won’t get as hot as my old one did, but we shall see. We’re still trying to take off the carb bloat from Thanksgiving but maybe I’ll be ready for a small indulgence next weekend. In the meantime, here are a couple of shots of the last pizzas I made in the old place - pepperoni, green olive and caramelized onion, and the one I call the Great White (roasted garlic bechamel and a blend of cheeses, dolloped with ricotta and finished with fresh Parmigiano Reggiano). My dough is sort of a cross between Neopolitan style and NY style, raised with levain and slow-fermented for a few days in the fridge. These take about 6 minutes on my pizza steel at 550 (the highest temp my oven can achieve). I was pretty happy with the leoparding on these babies!


That white pie looks awesome!!!

It is pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. I usually blend mozzarella, fontina, white cheddar and gruyere for the topping. Occasionally I add roasted cherry tomatoes for a hit of acidity, but it really is fantastic just all white.


@biondanonima I like both of them, looks like both are nicely cooked. I think my oven maximum is around 550 too.

You preferred which one for taste?

@VikingKaj The ingredients look delicious. The best tart/pizza I have eaten was a really thin crust tarte flambée in Stockholm. Unforgettable.

I love them both! The white pie is simpler but VERY rich, so it’s nice to have something a little lighter with tomato sauce to alternate.

Pepperoni and sausage
White clam
White w/ prosciutto and arugula


Gotta say, I love love love this thread. So much fun…

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Fusion pizza: uses a Chimichurri as a sauce, then jack and cheddar cheese, bacon, roasted sweet peppers. Argentine, Italian, American. (Pictures are out of order because I don’t know how to manipulate the order.)


Was inspired by your white clam pizza and made a small and slightly misshapen clam pizza with canned clams, pecorino, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and parsley.


Yum … If it tasted half as good as it looks I imagine you were very pleased.

Well, to be sure of the order, the more simple way is to upload 1 after another. Or upload a batch of photos and copy and place the image codes to get the right order with edit button. Use preview to see the orders of photo and manipulate when the post is still fresh.

Even without the right order, the pizza looks delicious with the mix of tastes.

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I just read a tip from Nancy Silverton (Mozza) suggesting setting your pizza pan directly on the oven bottom if you don’t have a pizza stone or a hot enough oven.

I haven’t tried it with pizza crust, but I did try it with roast potatoes and got beautiful browning very quickly.

This is almost exactly one of my family’s favorite pizza (our cheese blend is a little different, but sometimes we also add cherry tomatoes or spinach). Question for you: Do you cook the bechamel beforehand? I sometimes will make like a raw bechamel paste and the intense heat of the oven cooks it while the pizza bakes. But sometimes I will pre-cook the bechamel. I’m still undecided which I like better. With the pre-cooked, I have to cover all the bechamel with cheese, otherwise it dries out; with the raw, I can make it less cheesy.

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I do cook it - I keep my roasted garlic in olive oil in the freezer, so what I usually do is put a glob of it, still frozen, in a skillet and heat it gently to melt the oil without browning the garlic too much further. Once the oil is melted, I just add a bit of flour and mash it with the garlic into a paste, then cook it just a bit to remove the raw flour flavor. I add a little white wine first thing and then milk or half and half - I like the bit of tang the wine adds, but it needs to be added first while the sauce is still fairly dry to let the alcohol cook out. l find it needs to be very thick or it will make the pizza too wet/sloppy.

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What is raw bechamel?

Like all the ingredients – flour, butter, garlic, milk/cream, etc – mixed together sort of into a paste.

Clean out the fridge pizza: naan dough, “Mexican-style” tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, green onion, cilantro.