Homemade ketchup recipes

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@Pumpernickel, @wildtomato – here’s a really interesting story about homemade ketchup, complete with a recipe. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/07/11/200865030/Taste-Of-Grandmas-Kitchen-We-Hack-An-Old-Ketchup-Recipe

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I’d love your ketchup recipe if you’re willing to share. I started experimenting with ketchup when all the store bought ketchups became way too sweet for my taste.

I’m horrible about using recipes, but I can tell you what I do. I start with tomato paste, then add apple cider vinegar (start with a splash), ground cloves, nutmeg (be sparing with these last two ingredients), and salt. If you need to thin it out more, add some water. I slowly add light brown sugar, starting with a teaspoon, to taste. I usually have homemade garlic powder and onion powder on hand and I toss that in, too. I sometimes add mace.

Some recipes have you start with tomato sauce and reduce it, but I like going the other way and starting with paste and thinning it out. Much faster.