Home Fermentation


Fun!! It’s a really easy process, just takes a lot of chopping


So I started my experiment today :smile:

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Beet kvass was an Epic Fail. It went moldy!
Definitely my own fault, although not sure if it was because I didn’t seal the container or due to the added pear…? Anyways, total ick and may be a while before i try again

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How long did you ferment it?


Just shy of two weeks. There’s a photo of what it looked like when i started it upthread. Gonna spare everyone the visual of what happened :joy:
From what i read about 10days sounded right but dunno if the few extra days are what made this go wrong…? I wasn’t home mon-fri last week so couldn’t check it regularly. Also why I didn’t totally seal the container, didn’t want it to bust and wasn’t able to “burp” it regularly

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Most of the kvass recipes I read it seemed like a short ferment. Like a couple days? There is a lot of sugar in beets so I would expect it to move pretty quick.


I have read a recipe that calls for a few days of fermentation, but it also calls for sourkraut juice. Another recipe I have read, just beets, salt, water, ginger and turmeric, says that the fermentation will take two weeks.

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I find that almost everything I ferment ferments much faster than the recipes.


Well if/when i try again i’ll be sure to watch the fermentation more closely and reference additional recipes before proceeding