HOLIDAY SPECIALTIES (all faiths/traditions/nationalities) - Cuisine of the Quarter, Fall 2018 (Oct-Dec)

(Dan) #61

Oh they eat like birds! But I am grateful for their dedication to our family. I lost both my parents at diff times but both tragically. These women kept me and my younger sibs in line. Holidays are all about their keeping the memories.


After 20 plus years with my family (cousins and aunt and uncles) which has swelled to over 60-70 plus friends which has taken it to near 100 which has taken it to the next level, we’ve been having TG at my in laws in Birmingham. Always at my wife’s aunts house. Same menu every year. Low fat meal (uncle is a physcian and long distance runner). Unlike the boisterous gathering with coupious amounts of alcohol and other indulgences at my families gatherings, this is quite subdued. Football watched on a 13" TV…tea and coffee you get the point. It is what it is and its family which is meaningful none the less

Still thinking its time to do alternate TGs. I’m missing the party atmosphere

(Dan) #63

Man, that’s a crowd! :grin:
I love celebrations of all kinds. But nothing beats a quiet moment with a glass of something grand just cause.


No alcohol, no cigars.

(Dan) #65

Something grand, your call😄.


Last year I brought 2oz samples of 10 malts and 10 bourbons plus Armagnacs to be enjoyed with my BIL and one of my wife’s uncles to be enjoyed “back at the ranch” after dinner. Also Cuban cigars to be enjoyed by anyone who wanted. Just call me the candy man



(Dan) #68

does anyone include a Eton Mess dessert on their holiday table? As layered desserts go, this looks delicious.

(saregama) #69

No, but we have (English) Trifle at Christmas - in a clear bowl to display the layers.

Me, I would rather have the pound cake with plain custard…