Holiday cookware and food deals- 2017

San Pellegrino Pomegranate and Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage, 11.15 fl oz. Cans (24 Count)

  • Pomegranate and Orange $11.47 (prime only)
  • Clementine $11.99
  • Prickly Pear and Orange $11.99
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Nuts, just paid $129 for the Anova sous-vide a couple of weeks ago. Still, I needed it right then for a specific purpose.

Agree! My internet radio has link to gain commission towards amazon (few countries), and iTunes stores. Problem is I always forget to use the links, it need to be visible.

Great idea. The ThermoWorks ChefAlarm is another item that I would recommend. I gave one to our Thanksgiving host to help with the turkey. Being able to track the cooking temperature so accurately meant being able to pull the bird from the oven at the proper time. Turkey was cooked to a safe-to-eat temp without getting dried out.

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Some Cyber Monday discounts:

Monoprice Strata 800W Home Sous Vide Precision Cooker $49.99

Also at Target:







I bought this unit a couple weeks ago and have used it twice. It works well but seems a bit flimsier than the Anova. The Anova is on sale this week for $89.00. I’d be inclined to buy the known brand over the knockoff. Incidentally, my second generation Anova died the day after I ordered the Monoprice Strata. It was bought in 2014, so it was out of warranty. I called Anova customer service and they couldn’t have been nicer. They sent me a replacement used/refurbished unit @ no charge. They obviously care about their reputation. Made me feel guilty for buying a knockoff.

Those of you who were alive in the 1980’s might remember the door to door water filter salesmen. They sold expensive units that worked well but needed cartridge filter changes frequently. The cartridges were crazy expensive and were proprietary so you were stuck with one supplier. Before buying and installing any water filter make sure the cartridge filters are reasonably priced and the company has a long track record. You’ might be out of luck getting cartridges if they go out of business. Me, I’d go to a big box store and buy a name brand.

The Anova is now $84.15

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