Hokkaido Uni Spread

Trying out this rare and unique food product for the first time:

" Hokkaido Sea Urchin ( Uni ) dip/spread "…spread on baguette.

Intense, savory and salty with a sweet bias flavour profile. Contained a relatively strong Sake alcohol component…and of course loaded with vivid umami essence…Interesting! Kind of similar to Scandinavian Salmon Caviar spread?!


Where’d you get it?

My daughter brought it back from Hokkaido, Japan

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Ah. Shelf stable?

Best of date: 23 October, 2023
I placed the jar in the fridge after opening. Guess the salt and alcohol, should retain freshness pretty well?!

Probably. Seems like a cool product!


I wonder if it is similar to this, which I have had before, and liked.


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I think yours should taste more ’ natural ’ and better?!
Problem with most Japanese seafood conservaus products, they tend to be overly salty or in some cases, loaded with strong alcohol based Sake as additive…etc

Interesting product, would like to have some of that.

I just happened to buy some “mätitahna”, as we in Finland call it. I guess it translates to roe paste. I tried to look into it a bit, and I think in Sweden also it’s mainly made from cod. There are some products with salmon in them, but this cod roe paste is the thing, at least in Finland. It seems the salmon pastes can have cod in them also. The main ingredients are:

approx 50÷ lightly smoked cod roe, rapeseed/canola oil, sugar, potato flakes, tomato puree, salt.

I typically buy this for periods, like 2-4 tubes, and then a break. I can’t stop myself from eating it empty pretty quick. Spread this on bread mostly, but my secret pleasure is to have it on spinach pancakes (this is not common practice I hear). I admit having it sometimes directly from the tube.

The picture is stolen from the internets.



I had this (or something very similar) in Iceland, and I did not care for it! I love all things roe, but this tasted so…packaged.

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…and SALTY!!

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Also that!

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And so GOOOOD!

It’s a delicacy that can share people in camps here as well though. I’m going on my 3rd tube since writing last time ;). Rye goes with roe!

I tried that at a NY food show years ago, and thought it was darn good; however, it’s definitely not the same flavor as the OP’s product.

I believe Spain generally does tinned – and jarred – seafood quite well. Japan obviously rolls hard in the CPG seafood arena, too, but high sodium content is a common issue. There was a good uni butter from Hokkaido I tried yonder, but sadly those types of souvenirs don’t appreciate long flights.

Side note: erizo de mar translates as “hedgehog of the sea.” Great name.