Hog Island Oyster Co. [San Francisco, Embarcadero]

I was at the Ferry Building today and had a snack at Hog Island as the line wasn’t too long - you line up out front for a table, no reservations. They have tables outside but I was seated at the oyster bar inside.

Had a bunch of oysters raw: (a half dozen for $21)

Disco Hama (Pacific - Discovery Bay, Washington) on the left, Dukes (Atlantic - Topsail Island, NC) on the right. They come with mignonette and lemon. Well shucked and fresh and liquor-y. The discos were bigger and meatier and the Dukes were a bit brinier I think. Both quite good.

and a few grilled:

Aji Amarillo ($17)
Butter, aji amarillo peppers, garlic, pisco,
lime juice, cilantro

Good, mostly butter and garlic taste though with a hint of sweet pepper and citrus. And maybe a hint of pisco (a Peruvian/Chilean brandy) too.

Chipotle Bourbon ($17)
Butter, Bourbon, brown sugar, garlic, chipotle
Bit like a BBQ oyster. I think I liked this one a bit more as the sugar and chipotle gave it a nice smoky sweetness.


And also a couple cocktails:

The World is Your Oyster ($14)
Mezcal, house hog wash liquor, kummel, Hog Island Signature Bloody Mary Mix, lime, Tapatio hot sauce, served with Sweetwater oyster
Since an oyster is about $3.50 here I calculate the rest of the cocktail to be $10.50, what a deal. Quite nice - a little sweet and savory with some smokiness from the mezcal. Not quite as thick as a Bloody Mary.

Sacred Cenote ($14)
Agave de Cortez Mezcal, Montenegro Amaro,
agave, lime, mint, Angostura bitters, Scrimshaw Pilsner

Kind of like a mezcal mojito with a little beer mixed in. Nice and refreshing.



I love the whole place so much. And those oysters looked amazing!

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Nice report @Mr_Happy . Thanks. I still have to make it out to Hog Island the next time I’m in town (when it’s safe again). Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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What time of day did you go?

This was around 3pm on a Saturday.

Gotta say, I really love the clam chowder at hog island. It’s a fresh light take with abundant flavour

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