HOdown Sat June 10th 3pm at Shanghai Bun , Matawan - RSVP here

Let’s use this thread just for RSVPs for the HOdown and leave the other one for posts about the restaurant. Note that we’re going for a late lunch or an early dinner, depending on your age. :joy:

We seem to have a solid group on board for June 10th; here’s who I have thus far:

@CurlzNJ - 1 or more
@seal - 2
@BossaNova - 2
@joonjoon - maybe
@eleeper - 2?

@MsBean @KoolBreeze @corvette_johnny @bgut1 @NotJrvedivici @ycf04 @junkliss ?? And anyone else reading this…?

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In for 2 people, or 14 soup dumplings, whichever comes first.

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The 10th works for me. Mr. Bean doesn’t commit to things this far in advance during fishing season.


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I’m interested in either the 3rd or the 10th, but not sure I can make both. Are we genuinely looking at two HOdowns, or have we just not settled on a single day?

(Great–HO won’t letr me post the same thing I just posted in the other thread. I hope adding this helps.)

We’ve settled on the 10th ‘officially,’ but it looks like there will also be a group showing up on the 3rd.

Okay–count us in for 2 people on the 10th at 3PM.

Just a reminder that we’re going NEXT Saturday, June 10th, at 3pm, and you can still RSVP. Right now I have:

@CurlzNJ - 2
@seal - 2
@BossaNova - 2
@joonjoon - maybe
@eleeper - 2
@MsBean - 1

Anyone else care to join us?

I’m in.

I’m thinking of stopping at the Asian Market before we eat if anyone is interested in pre-lunch shopping.


The one on 79? I could do that!

Yup, the one on 79. Are there any others in the area?

I initially thought about going before we eat but would be open to a post-prandial shopping trip if that works better.


After would def work for me, but if my friend is coming, I’m going to need to connect with her before hand and she can’t come much earlier.

The Asian Food market is eight miles from Shanghai Bun (in case you were thinking it was right around the corner).

Lol. That market is practically in my backyard. I’m there once a week, but always alone as D hates the place. To be fair, she doesn’t care much for food stores in general.

HOW DID YOU MARRY HER?? :joy::joy::joy:
(You know I love Mrs. Seal!)

After is fine if that works better for you.
Is the other E coming?

@eleeper I guess distance is relative as we are at least 20 miles from either place, so in the scheme of things 8 miles isn’t too far. We go to the market often as it is the one closest to home.

Yes, the other E is coming and she’s very excited about it! :blush:

Me too! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone - and the food.

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Final bump… anyone else want to join us tomorrow?

One heck of a group!

Eating dishes like

Tomato and Egg

We literally destroyed a lot of soup dumplings.

In the words of Pink Floyd “Wish you were here”.


The menu included:
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (N1)
Soup Dumplings (D1) (4 orders!)
Beef Sandwiches (B8)
Noodles with Hot Peanut Sauce (N24)
Pork in Bean Paste Sauce Noodles (N25)
Shanghai Rice Cakes (N31)
Pork with String Beans (S4)
Yu Shiang Beef (S24)
Fish Filets with Spicy Bean Sauce (S29)
Salt & Pepper Shrimp (S28)
Cumin Lamb (on wall board)
Tomato with Egg (on wall board)

And here’s the aftermath:

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