HOdown Ideas?

There were people on the other board who held banquets there, so I think they take reservations under some, if not all, circumstances.

OK everyone-- Friday morning we will put up a poll and vote! Here’s the running list of suggestions so far:

-Imperial Wok
-Chappaqua Farmers’ Market
-Capt Lawrence
-Bar Taco
-Exit 4
-Central Seafood

I think I got them all there… last call for other ideas!

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Off the subject, but on the first weekend in June (3/4) so I don’t know if it would affect your meet-up, there is a very good vintage car show in Greenwich Ct… I don’t remember if they have any food trucks near by but the food on-site is pricey and only ok, but it is a very good show and well worth considering. Also it is a nice outdoor day down by the water,so it might make be of interest to some- highly recommended as a good way to spend a day or 2 as the cars are completely different each day.

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