HOdown Ideas?

Yep, that’s what it’s called

So Gong Dong?

Someone somewhere, here or CH reviewed it. I don’t remember their opinion of it.

Pretty sure it was JMF, but I could be wrong.

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It is a Korean chain. Food is good. Limited menu.

@Homestyleturkey Where would you like to see a HOdown?

I’ve never had Korean food… What is the best place in Westchester to try it?

Korea Garden on Central near the Yonkers/Scarsdale border is pretty consistent.

Ideally, for a HOdown, I would want to go somewhere I haven’t visited yet. The brewery option was interesting because they make my current favorite (All Day IPA). Bartaco is always good, but would be better with a smaller group because of their seating. I haven’t had positive experiences with Imperial Wok. If we could be sure that the “good” chef is there, I’d be willing to give them another go. Exit 4 in Mt. Kisco was okay and could be a decent choice, though the parking is extremely limited and I’ll bet it’s a madhouse on weekends.

We’ve been going to Tacos el Poblano for almost 20 years. If they weren’t so tiny, I’d suggest them. The Cookery is good and they do a nice weekend brunch. I forgot which day they do their roast pig on weekends (Sunday, I think), but that would be the day to go as long as the group isn’t bigger than 8.

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Wouldn’t want to influence the choices, but I personally can only go to a place where parking is not an issue.

Street parking is limited but there is a public lot across the street with plenty of spaces, but it won’t be right in front - may be a little walk

@winecountrygirl, which place are you talking about?

Curious about the bartaco love here. I went a bit after they opened and i felt like I was in Chuck E Cheese with all the badly behaved kids and parents who couldn’t care less. (Much different from the well-behaved children discussed on another thread!) I was so traumatized I never went back. :slight_smile: It sounds like it has improved since then!

Its the big parking lot in back of all the stores. Runs from South Moger to Main Street and behind where borders was. Basically here 117, Main, South Moger are borders - all parking in there.


Wow, that would turn me off as well. Thankfully I’ve been able to go during weekdays and weeknights when that is less likely to happen.

We really enjoy their tacos. Each of us gets 5, usually some mix of fried oyster, shrimp banh mi, duck, Baja fish, and maybe their monthly special. I love their grilled street corn with cotija and lime, but I ask for it off the cob. A friend on a low-carb diet asked for an alternative to chips for our freshly-made guacamole and we received a dozen discs of cucumber, which I thought worked beautifully. Their Port Chester Reviver is one of my favorite cocktails in Westchester (http://bartaco.com/summertime-sips-port-chester-reviver/).

Don’t get the churros.

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If you decide to go with Chinese, I think you’re much better off with Central Seafood. (Lots of parking, large restaurant, much better food than Imperial Wok in my experience.)

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In total agreement regarding their churros, and the rest of your post
I haven’t had one in years but I remember them as limp messes, the chocolate sauce was great though
Flor De Jalisco’s churros are better even when they are cold and half stale

Bar Taco churros

Flor De Jalisco’s churros

Bar Taco corn, fish taco and chicken liver taco (no longer on menu :frowning: )

another pic of the fish taco


Central Seafood also has Dim Sum, as does Aberdeen in White Plains. That is always nice for a group sharing a meal.

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I’m devastated to have missed the chicken liver taco. Maybe they’ll throw it in as a monthly special.

Maybe I wasn’t actually served a churro at Bartaco. I think I was served a relay race baton. I should’ve run out to Main St. and tried to pass it on to someone. The Flor de Jalisco churros look perfect.



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I can’t vouch for Central Seafood as we had some unpleasant dim sum a dozen years ago and never went back. Aberdeen is another story.

We have dim sum there probably 3 out of 4 weekends per month. There are some Aberdeen haters on HO which is why I didn’t mention it, but that’s a great suggestion, Foodygrandma. I’ll bet if we had a big enough group, we could have a table in the semi-private dining area.

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I’m with you on the dim sum with a group. I like Aberdeen for dim sum also. Do they take reservations? I can’t remember.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo