HOdown Ideas?

Ieatalotoficecream, biondanonima and I would like you to share your ideas for our second meetup!

We’d like to gauge interest in the second NYS/CT meetup. Some of you have expressed interest in lunch at Imperial Wok. Others have mentioned visiting a farmers’ market together. We’d like to hear any and all ideas you have for locations or experiences that would make for a fun meetup. Please respond with ideas by 5/12 and then we will vote.

This will likely take place on a Saturday in June. We will poll people on dates to see when the most people can come.

So… Where would you like to explore with your fellow HOs?

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In addition to the farmers’ market and Imperial Wok ideas mentioned above, I think a local brewery tour could be a lot of fun and informative as well. I think Captain Lawrence in Elmsford offers guided tours, tastings, etc…


The brewery idea is another great one! The farmers’ market would make for a fantastic picnic, although we’d need a rain back-up plan.

I’m tagging as many of our Westchester members as I can compile… if you know more posters who may be interested, please tag them!

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I’d be concerned about driving home after the wine tastings. Never been to one. Should this be a concern?

The better farmers markets are usually crowded. I personally don’t think that this is a venue to meet and eat. I like the idea of Imperial Wok or any other Chinese restaurant because it is geared towards ordering and sharing several dishes.

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For the beer tasting at Capt Lawrence you buy tokens and a tasting glass. The tokens get you a small pour (maybe 3-4 ounces?). They don’t make you get a flight so even if you just want one you can do that although you do have to buy the glass. You can save the glass and bring it for your next trip.

Thanks for your response! I see your point about tastings - this would be beer not wine though and you just have tastes, not glasses. But maybe we should rethink that one! I also see your point about the Farmer’s markets. I think I agree!

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I like the idea of a farmers’ market inspired picnic but yes, actually picnicking at one may be a challenge. Noted! :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t thinking picnic at all when farmers markets were suggested. I had in mind more walking, grazing, sampling, crawl … discussing the offerings that are of interest. You could eat well and easily fill up doing this, particularly at the Chappaqua market on Saturday. Nice surroundings, plenty of parking, good food and lots of choices. . Could coordinate on a Saturday that Dough Nation Truck is there as well. If it rains you are shit out of luck in Chappaqua IMO though.
I also think a Port Chester food crawl is way over due!!!


That sounds fun! I haven’t been to Chappaqua’s market in ages. You know, speaking of Doughnation, you also made me think that the last time I was at the Cookery I was thinking that would be a fun place for a meetup. That or the Parlor. And the port Chester food crawl, yes!!

I am a sucker for Bartaco… love the place
might be a good start … big parking lot


Wait - I’m liking that idea a lot!!! Especially the pizza truck part!

Perhaps in the White Plains area or Central Avenue (there is an interesting looking Korean restaurant in a shopping mall near H Mart). Always wanted to try Imperial Wok.

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All this talk of Imperial Wok is definitely piquing my curiosity.

Anyone else want to chime in?

They can be a little inconsistent
when they’re on they’re on
Not sure how to ask when # 1 chef works

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@chowdom, what is that second dish that looks like a wrap of some sort? Yum

I think on the menu it is beef negimaki
My server knows me so I just ask for the
beef rolled in scallion pancake thing

That looks really delicious…


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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2