HOdown at Stamna, Lincroft - late Feb

As I just posted here Greek me again I just can’t get enough, Stamna, Lincroft I’m determined to get a bunch of you HOs to try Stamna in Lincroft (just off Exit 109 of the GSP), so I thought I’d start the discussion…who’s interested? I’m thinking lunch or dinner on either Feb. 25th or 26th. Please respond with your interest and availability and I’ll sort through and coordinate the date/time here on this thread.

@seal @joonjoon @NotJrvedivici @VikingKaj @RGR and the rest of you locals/localISH HOs, whaddya say?


Unfortunately, neither of those dates works for us.

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Always up for a meal with my friend @CurlzNJ ! Count us in for at least 2, maybe 3.

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Sorry, can’t make those dates.

That’s a tough weekend for me as my sons birthday is the 25th and I’m not sure what exactly our plans are for that weekend.

We’re scheduled to be in Boston that weekend. The weekend before or after is fine if you choose to switch.



Thanks for coordinating this. Stamna sound fabulous. We love Greet food. I work Sundays until 6 so Saturday the 25th would work better for us.


Great! So if that helps anyone else, we’re honing in on Sat Feb 25th…then the question becomes… lunch or dinner? Or go for lunch and stay for dinner?!? :joy:

We’re good with either, or both!

Bumping this up w the hope that since we now have a date (Sat. Feb 25th) that some other HOs will decide to join us.

Let’s do LUNCH unless others feel strongly about dinner. Holler if you’re in! So far it’s:


ETA that this alone is a fun crowd, so you should join us! :grin:

Lunch works for me. I can always take home dinner. I’m looking forward to getting together.

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Bumping this up to make the return to work a little easier on Tuesday morning…

Anyone else care to join us this Saturday (2/25) for lunch at Stamna at 12:30?

We’re still in. We may have a friend interested in joining us as well.

Great! I’ll wait until Thursday to make a reservation, but so far I have:
@CurlzNJ - 2
@seal - 3?
@MsBean - 3

Where’s @joonjoon ? @corvette_johnny @VikingKaj ???

@VikingKaj is no longer participating. (in case he is still lurking; come back already!!)

Prolly just two for me, but you never know.

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I would love to join, but will likely be out of town. Re: viking his profile says “removed”

Did I miss some drama? :slight_smile:

Hmm. Didn’t realize that but it explains why we haven’t seen him in a while!

@tomt If you (or anyone else, for that matter) can make it at the last minute, I really can’t imagine it will be a problem to add a few more seats; I’d just like to have a good baseline for the initial reservation.

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