HOdown at Stamna, Lincroft - late Feb

I think he did the “removed” himself as a sign he removed himself from the board. I will continue to hold out hope for a return.

You and @CurlzNJ have my cell # please shoot me a text letting me know how late you are going to be there. (Like when your mains are served I’ll know it’s less than 30mins.) If I can swing by I will, I live 5 min from there and would like to say “hello”. As previously stated it’s my sons 19th birthday and I have to fetch him from school and see what he wants to do so my schedule is completely up in the air.

If I don’t make it I hope you all enjoy!

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Hey! I am devastated to say I won’t be able to make it this time. :frowning: Gonna be on the road. Enjoy!

I think I saw a groupon for this place, might save y’all a few bucks!

Will do, @NotJrvedivici

@joonjoon We’ll miss you but we’ll get together…

@CurlzNJ @seal Looking forward to seeing you soon.

@NotJrvedivici @tomt Hope you can make it.

@joonjoon Will miss you


Ditto! We have a 12:30 res today… If anyone else wants to join us, just say so!!

For those who are interested, photos will be posted later.

We had a ball. Who says that anymore? But we did. The food was good and many thanks to @CurlzNJ for setting it up, but it was the people who made the afternoon special. @NotJrvedivici @MsBean @CurlzNJ and their guests (and maybe a little ouzo) made the hours we sat seem too short a time. Thank you one and all and for those of you who didn’t make this one - see you at the next one.


Standing by for a review guys :slight_smile: @seal @CurlzNJ

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What are Msbean and I chopped liver??

No food pics just folks.


No sir…didn’t even realized you went jr. I thought i read you werent making it. Good stuff. So what was good there?

Good looking group, sorry to have missed.

Jr, any mixed grill for two for one this time?? Or did everyone keep it to normal portions since you have a rep to keep in your 'hood?

I unfortunately showed very late just to say hello since this is so close to home. I thought @seal was going to step up in my absence but it seems he wasn’t up to it.

Also waiting for a review.

(Mark and I are planning on trying a Greek-Vietnamese fusion place in Scottsdale tomorrow. Apparently they have gyro spring rolls and a gyro banh mi, as well as the usual suspects. (Oh, and a gyro burger that is a hamburger with gyro, lettuce, tomato, and tzatziki sauce on top.)

To demonstrate that I’m a team player I got Stamna for dinner tonight. Kudos to them for offering delivery, if I hadn’t taken their menu home I wouldn’t have ever guessed they delivered.

Greek salad, sausage, stuffed peppers and hummus. All of which was very good, thanks @CurlzNJ for organizing the get together and turning us onto this place, hope they do well.


Did they mention the radius? I’m guessing I’m a bit too far for delivery? Food looks great. What did everyone else order JR?? Will have to grab this soon, hopefully it can replace Luigis as the go to family spot for us in the area. Would be nice to lock in a good spot in that location…Too lazy to look up already, does anyone know if they offer the lemon egg chicken soup and if so if it’s good? I could drink my own weight in that stuff done properly…

I do not know the radius of delivery, I’m sure one phone call can get your answer. I showed up to the get together late, after everyone ate so I can’t comment on who had what, I just had the delivery tonight and was pleased. The menu just lists daily soup, not the lemon soup.

As I recall, this is what we ordered, with my editorial comments. Feel free to add…

Saganaki - Fried Greek Kefalograviera Cheese. A mild cheese wrapped in phyllo. A table favorite.

Gigantes - Savory tomato braised imported giant lima beans. Yum.

Ktapodi - Charcoal grilled octopus. Great flavor but I thought it was a little mushy without much char on the those very thin ends that I want and it needed.

Dolmadakia - Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice. I’m used to the Turkish version of stuffed grape leaves, usually served cold and so wasn’t expecting them to be warm (Duh! They were listed under hot appetizers). Served with remnants of a light tomato sauce. The grape leaf wrapper was fairly thick which I enjoyed as I like the leaves themselves. Others not so much.

Loukaniko - Seasoned Greek Sausage. We had 2 orders, we could have used more.

Prasini - Salad with romaine, scallions, fresh dill, and feta tossed with Greek Olive Oil and Vinegar. I never had this before. It was very good but I think it could have used more dill.

Assorted Cold Dips - Skordalia, Tzatziki, Taramosalata, Melitzanosalata, and Fava (which is hummus-like but a yellow split pea dip). I would have been quite happy have this for lunch on its own though the skordalia could have used a touch more garlic.

Arni Kokkinisto - Lamb braised in Savory Tomato Sauce with Orzo. I have GOT to figure out how to make this. It was delicious. Fall apart tender but with just the slightest bit chewiness in a really good way.

Baklava - I’m not a baklava fan (hate walnuts) but it was well received by everyone else.

Galaktoboureko - Custard in Phyllo Dough topped with homemade Honey Syrup. Not to sweet, which is the way dessert should be.

It was great to share food, talk and ouzo with such a lovely group of people. @CurlzNJ @seal @NotJrvedivici as well as our non-HO guests. We’re looking forward to another get together. Afghani anyone?



Thanks for chiming in, @MsBean! I’ve been on the run since I saw you and finally have a chance to type…you’ve captured the menu and I completely concur with you on the octopus; it was mushy! So sad, and not something I have encountered at their other location, so I suspect the chef isn’t as well-versed in cooking it (yet). But everything else was DElicious, and as always, the company was great. Hint on the sausage: a squeeze of lemon (served with it) definitely helps cut the fat. That’s an insanely good piece of sausage.

I’m glad @NotJrvedivici was able to swing by to say hi AND that he did takeout as quickly as he did! I’d love to see Stamna break the spell at this location, as I do think they’re serving authentic food and doing a damn good job with it.

I’ve now had the Prasini salad at Apella, The Greek Spot, and Stamna and for the record, the G Spot version wins, with TONS of dill and scallions. :slight_smile:

For the rest of you HOs, Afghani cuisine is our choice for our next outing; I’ll create a separate post to get a date set.