Hodown at Shirin Manalapan NJ 8/6

Hodowns come and go, but this one looks epic! Shirin is as authentic as it gets and we are going to try everything. I can’t wait. Come one come all.

Meet at Shirin, on rt 9 in Manalapan, at 6 pm, Sunday August 6th.

Count us in for 2

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  • 2 also! (for some reason the plus sign, comes up as the bullet point on here, now sure why but that is supposed to be a Plus 2!)

Michael and I will be there!

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In for at least 1…

Count us as in for 2 people.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it. Looking forward to a full report.


Count me in as a definite maybe. My summer schedule is shit and I won’t know until we get closer, but this place looks awesummmmmm!!!

This is a small place and we need to make a fairly accurate reservation before Friday. Last call - anyone else?

Make my res for 2, please! Thx

OK. @CurlzNJ @eleeper @RGR @BossaNova @NotJrvedivici here’s the story. I spoke with the chef and owner and was told that for parties of more than 8 all people have to do the banquet. Go to:


and look at the menu and then banquet to see what is on it. We get all of that served family style for 39.95 a person. I am going to confirm our reservation for 12 tonight unless I hear from anyone that now they are not interested.

We’re still in but it’ll be hard not to order a mastava (spicy lamb soup).

I can’t imagine that we can’t order EXTRA stuff… :wink:

I know, and besides, what kind of banquet of this cuisine does not include lamb?? Almost tempting to go for the 59 a person banquet and at least get lamb skewers and lamb chops…

I"m going to make my own reservation for two and eat with my wife and have whatever I want and laugh, laugh, laugh at all you and your pork buns. (or whatever the hell Uzbek Samsa is !!!)

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At first I thought lambchop was nodding “yes” as if I’m in agreement with @seal. Upon further viewing I’m not exactly sure what lambchop is actually doing in this gif, please keep any children away from this thread.


So, I just did some math. My ideal meal for two at Shirin:

Rendezvous Salad - 11.95
Mastava Soup - 7.95
Potato Vareniki - 7.95
Uzbek Plov - 11.95
Lamb Kebob - 18.95

Total - 58.75 for two

I am beginning to wonder at my intelligence for calling for this one.:confounded:

Gazuntite!! Hey I’m game for the $59 options. (no gif’s this time)

We’re out–we can probably do better on our own.