Hodown at Shirin Manalapan NJ 8/6

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #21

Mark suggests two reservations for six people each. (He has an M.S. in math from Stanford!)

(Roz Rappaport) #22

I’m not keen on doing a banquet, so Michael and I are out.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #23

Now, of course, the number is below the banquet cut-off, so people will probably start saying they are interested.

I’ll make it a bit easier–Mark and I don’t plan on jumping back in.

(David) #24

After a lot of whining and pleading, we finally got a reservation. It seems there was a large party last night at Shirin and not a lot of room left. Well, we had a party of our own.
We all wore traditional Uzbeki garb.
Here’s a close up of just the food we had:
It was quite the feast.
We got into the spirit and @BossaNova played some music while @CurlzNJ danced.

Oh, and the conversation of the night was:
“My Dumbo won’t go all the way up.”
" They have pills for that."
Like Disney, it was a magical night.
See you at the next one.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #25

But seriously, …

I’m assuming that there was no Shirin HO-Down to report on.


Oh no…there certainly was, and @seal has done a fine recap, imo! Possibly one of his best!

(Junior) #27

Good job sir! The only thing better than the food was the company! Good seeing everyone and look forward to our next get together!

(Junior) #28

You forgot the picture of our excellent server!

(Jeff) #29

I especially liked the party favors. You need a good mouthwash after all those onions.


KILLING ME. All of it!! :joy:

(Junior) #31

That’s just mean…:skull_crossbones: