HO latest update - changes or bugs?

After the last big update of HO, I notice a few glitches or changes.

One can no longer quote any photos anymore. Only text can be selected and quoted.


Another big bug I encountered, when someone flags a spam, after deletion by the mod, the spam post is only greyed out and remains visible to all users and people can keep on commenting in the thread. When the case is the spam is the first post of the thread, in the past, the whole thread would be hidden after the first post is deleted, but now, only the spam post is greyed out, and the whole thread remains visible.


Which big update are you referring to? Timeline?

For the spam bug, it seems to be really recent, maybe last 2 weeks.

As for the quote problem, I can’t say, maybe someone knows.

We haven’t changed the software for 3 months. If its a recent change, then it will not be because of software updates.

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testing for photos quote

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I tested it in the sandbox environment of the forum software. the photo quotes. It may be a bug. We may have to update our software at some point.

I am not sure whether this is a software change or a bug. My suggestion is to manually remove the discussion if first post is deemed spam.

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Ok thanks.

Quoting pictures seem to have returned on its own.


Great!! Thanks a lot. :clap:

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