HO Food Crawl 5/13 Jackson Heights

Kay and I are up again for more fun. Based on the short food crawl Dave Cook, Kay and I did a few weeks ago, I propose the following:

Meet at 7 Jackson Heights station and go to…

Mandalay in the station itself for tea salad.

Birrilandia by Jackson heights 7 stop. I have never had

La Esquina del Cammarone: known for cockteles, seafood tacos and tostadas. Takeut counter/window in the back of a Bodega.

969 Coffee - Ongirazu {rice sandwiches {oyster filling}

Qué Arepa! - Ummm, Arepa of course!

Mariscos El Submarino- Augachile, Cevice etc: we did not get to try as they seemed confused about the concept of Daylight Savings. Have heard nothing but great stuff.

Warique- Cevice etc This place is a nice restaurant with comfortable seating and super nice people. We smelled a lot of really good food going to other tables.

About 2 miles. There are a lot of stops on the list!

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Sounds great, but I’ll be with family that weekend! Next time.

In the DC/Baltimore area, we have nothing like the bihari kabab at Kebab King. Bihar is a small state of East India in the foothills of the Himalayas. I have to say I have become particularly fond of the cuisine that comes from the East, often overlooked.

Sorry to miss it, I’ll be away

In New York, beef and chicken bihari are served at some of our many Bangladeshi restaurants, too.

Actually you won’t find it at Indian restaurants, only Pakistani and Bangladeshi places

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Will talk with Jim but I think this is something we can do -I’m game for it! At least for a while!

I promise not to hold anyone against their will.

I’m not a lock but hoping to join, and to revisit Mariscos El Submarino. On our previous crawl, they were unexpectedly not yet open. That was the first day of Daylight Saving Time this year; we suspected that someone forgot to spring forward.

Good to know, thanks. Those kabobs have yet to travel down where I live even though there are a couple of Bengali restaurants and markets near me, as well as a ton Pakistani places.