HO Dinner, February 11, Zaab Zaab, Williamsburg

I won’t presuppose to lock us into the newer, Williamburg, location of Zaab Zaab rather than the original, Elmhurst, location. But I will suggest it again because the Williamsburg menu is heavier on seafood (important for at least one of our number) and because the dining room has more elbow room. Also, I’ve eaten at ZZ Elmhurst several times but never at ZZ Williamsburg.

Since many of us hope to eat lunch in Flushing the next day, I also suggest an early dinner. 6:00?

I very much appreciate this consideration! I’m still a maybe in case I have people over for Superb Owl (almost definitely if the Bills aren’t in it, almost definitely not if they are).

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You realize that this dinner is Saturday, and the Owl won’t be Superb until Sunday, yes?

I definitely can’t do 6pm on the 11th, (which is a pity as I suggested both Thai and Zaab Zaab :joy:)

Look forward to the reports.

Oh, right. I got the this one confused with Xing Ming. Whoops!

Coming late to this for some reason, sorry! Don’t know if there were choices, but 6 pm on Feb. 11 is good for me.

We are up for saturday 6pm zaab**2. Either location.

Never been to Brooklyn or Williamsburg specifically. I hope my papers are in order

They’ll check to see if your tattoos are up to date, so be prepared.

My internet god daughter is into temporary tatoos. Do you think they would work? She is 9 and into snakes and worms.

If the inspector isn’t too much of a hard-ass.

I mean why should she be the only one who gets to wear orange, purple, and lime green snake tattoos? She is one tough broad for 9 years old. Ask her almost 11 yo brother!!!

confirming that Jim and I will come, So glad that this get-together is gelling.

And confirming that I will come, now that I’ve learned the days of the week. I’m happy to do the reserving, as soon as I get a head count and know that we’re all cool with the Brooklyn location. So far it’s a total of 7, including me.

@DaveCook @JenKalb +1 @Dean +1 @ninkat

Anyone else?

we are xinging but not zabbing. have fun!

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I think your Scrabble score is 575 on that post!

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@DaveCook @JenKalb @ninkat @Dean

We have a 6pm reservation, party of 7, at Zaab Zaab Brooklyn (208 Grand St.) under my name. See youse then/there!

I think I can only go to one of these, @small_h, and my preference here if I have to choose, is Saturday at Xing, but if you want to hold me as a “maybe” in the count for now, I could let you know if something changes for that weekend? Thanks for organizing!

Sure, I’ll ask for final confirmations closer to the date.

Saturday, February 11, is the date for Zaab Zaab in Williamsburg. Helen has reserved a table for our Thai dinner at 6:00.
Sunday, February 12, is the date for Ming Xing in Flushing. Dean has proposed (without objection that I’ve seen) that we meet for our Chinese lunch at noon.
Just want to be sure you get the one meal you’re hoping for, @ninkat!