Higher end Chinese in Toronto

Someone’s going to tell me there’s already a link but help me out if you can. Now that Lai Wah Heen has closed, where is there a bit fancier Chinese place to eat in downtown Toronto (we don’t have a car)? We already have our everyday favourites but something that’s a bit extra but not exorbitant? (Preferably with some Szechuan options in there somewhere.)

Maybe when Mott 32 opens?

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Moon Palace ’ inside Atrium at the Bay ( Dundas subway, next door! ). Restaurant is same owner as Lobster Port 1 in Thornhill/Richmond hill.


I am not aware of an upscale Szechuan restaurant downtown.

For Cantonese and dim sum, I have enjoyed Dynasty and Pearl Harbourfront (inside Queens Quay Terminal, facing the lake). Both have upscale process. Dim sum runs around $25-$50 per person, if you’re ordering 2 dishes per person plus 2 for the table, in my experience. The same dishes ordered at Rol San on Spadina would be 1/2 to 3/4 of the price at Dynasty or Pearl.
Pearl’s portions tended to be more generous than Dynasty’s in my experience.

Sunny’s in Kensington is the casual ItSpot sister to MiMi on Davenport.

While not upscale, I have been happy with the take-out from Chop Chop on Dundas west of Bathurst and they have a small patio. They have some Taiwanese dishes. I think the food is better than a typical Chinatown restaurant, and it costs a little more. It looks casual inside. I usually pay $20-$40 for my take-out for one, with leftovers.

MiMi on Davenport is going to be exorbitant.

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Also consider Dailo and Alma for modern upscale Chinese.

For Taiwanese food, keep an eye on Eats By Betty. https://instagram.com/eatsbybetty
An announcement is coming soon re: her food.

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Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Based on my experience eating at their Hong Kong flagship. If and when they open up in Toronto, I will NOT waste my precious hard earned money eating ’ ridiculously marked up ’ food there!


Which places in Toronto specialize in Szechuan food, or serve a few good Szechuan dishes these days?

I’m asking for some friends of friends without a car, who are staying downtown.

For Chinese food in general, close to downtown, I have recommended Sunny’s and Wok Theory.

For modern Chinese/ Chinese bistro, close to downtown, I have recommended Alma and Dailo.

Moon Palace is more Cantonese, isn’t it, Charles?

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Yes! Moon Palace is Cantonese
As for ’ High end ’ Chinese, ZUNYAN ( Leslie, north of Hwy 7 ) is the highest end Chinese restaurant in the GTA I have encountered to date…with a private club atmosphere and 11 person fixed-banquet style menu in excess of $4800!
Though focused on high end Cantonese cuisine, the menu also has a relatively huge and varied section featuring spicy Sichuan food ( available in a la carte ) >
Good luck!https://www.zunyan.ca/gallery?pgid=lcpe9b67-c952d875-6217-4527-a776-cf5259d00665

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Wok Theory’s dimsum is decent but haven’t tried their other dishes

Tried both Sunny and Dailo and not impressed by either one. These “westernised” Chinese food might be fun for some but for customers used to high quality Chinese/Cantonese cooking, it will be a disappointment


I’m sorry to hear Sunny’s and Dailo were disappointing for you.

Dailo’s current menu isn’t that enticing to me . I will try Sunny’s eventually.

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