High calorie, low fat, low magnesium foods

What foods are high in calories but low in fat, vitamin C and magnesium? I have to gain weight. But fat keeps me awake at night, vitamin C gives me diarrhea and magnesium makes me terribly groggy.

Any advice on gaining weight while avoiding these three would be VERY appreciated.

Lots of sugar & carbs followed by inactivity creates body fat for me.

Healthy fats are still fat. Avocados alone will fix ya.
So how high is too high in magnesium for you?

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Any food with over 50 mg of magnesium makes me groggy. This morning I ate 157 grams of lentils. That’s an amazing 471 calories. But the 57 mg of magnesium made me groggy for two hours.

The link I attached should give you some food choice by mag level, calorie and fat contents. In my case, mixing it up by not eating the same things over and over and watching portions on levels helped.

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Yes I am looking at it now. It’s very helpful Thank you!