Hi Fellow NY/CT folks

Has anyone been any place exciting lately? We had a wonderful meal at Rraci in Brewster. I don’t think I’ve ever had veal as tender and tasty as what I had there. It was in a cognac sauce and had melted fontina ( one of my favorites) on it. Service was excellent. The key to eating at Rrraci is to request the “ten” room. It’s a quieter location. The other rooms have the small tables on the sides and large tables in the center that are always full. And the large parties are always gregarious and always out of their seats, which makes for not such a great time for the rest of us.

Come on , guys - anyone out there?


I think it’s official - R.I.P. with this (and other) on-line food boards. Not to hi-jack, but drove down to zabars yesterday and then up to Mama’s two - basically an oily sicilian slice joint - the pepperoni was great. Hope this board does re-bound! Gwenn make sure you do try flour ,water,salt in Darien.

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I’ve been reading but I’m not able to post nearly as often lately because of my new baby. We have been getting out and about with her but not nearly as much as before and mostly sticking to old stand-bys though we have tried a couple new places. A lot of take out too.

We tried Good Choice Kitchen in Ossining (vegan) which was good (for vegan food, that is) and have been enjoying Aji Limo, Melike, Sing Sing, and First Village in Ossining. Keep meaning to get to Tasty Table where Wobble Cafe used to be. We tried the Rare Bit in Dobbs but it was lunch so very limited menu. I’d only go back at dinner when they serve the full menu. Also went back to the Cookery, awesome as usual (bone marrow pasta yum!!) except for the extremely cramped seating. We had a nice lunch with baby in tow at Rivermarket too and have been back to Southern Table in Pleasantville numerous times with our baby and other kids. We’ve been getting Indian takeout from Mughal Palace and Raga, both of which are pretty good, and had some not-so- great takeout from D Thai in Thornwood which was disappointing since we like it when dining in. DeCiccos in Millwood is still a mainstay for us and a godsend with their prepared foods and salad/hot bars. We went to their anniversary party a couple weeks back and they had some really great special bbeer. I think that basically covers our eating adventures in the last few months.

What has everyone else been eating?


Congratulations!!! And thanks for posting!!! I’ve been on other boards but haven’t had that much new to report here. Except, of course, The Cookery and the bone marrow pasta, which is also what I had. I still want that pig!


I’ve been lurking quietly for a while.

We’ve done more take-out than dining out lately. My recent favorite is the soy garlic Korean fried chicken tenders from Cravwings in Yonkers as long as they are made fresh. They are shatteringly crispy and moist. Husband likes the buffalo (loves their bleu cheese sauce) and son prefers hot pepper soy wings. Their beet and radish pickles are standard but good.

I love the beef japchae from the Yonkers H-Mart. One order feeds 2-3 people and is consistently good. Their pan-fried pork and cabbage dumplings are one of my favorite snacks. They are sometimes a little oily, but usually are spot on.

We really enjoyed the lomo saltado at Purple Corn in White Plains. The beef was surprisingly tender. The chicken chaufa was also good but a little dry (chaufa is generally a little dry). Their salsa verde really helped. The alfajores they serve are probably outsourced but were nonetheless delicious.

We had a pretty good Chinese New Year dinner at O Mandarin. They didn’t seem interested in advertising their special menu, so here’s a photo. We had the Crispy Roasted Pig appetizer (crackling skin was amazing), Rainbow Scallops, Braised Berkshire Pork Belly (I wish they had removed the star anise pieces from the mix before serving) and a few things from their regular menu. We would have ordered the Spicy Long Beans, but were warned that they were minced rather than kept long. I know they are harder to cook when kept long and wouldn’t have minded if they quartered the length to fit better in a wok, but having them minced didn’t interest us. They are serving their New Year’s menu for at least another week.

We were also pleased with Calabria Mia’s food (Yonkers). Their orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe was pretty close to perfect. We also loved their stuffed mushrooms. I’m trying to avoid bread, but the sauce produced from the mushrooms forced me to eat half a loaf with few regrets. It may have been the (fontina?) cheese and (marsala?) wine that put it over the top. I will have to try them again to make sure.

We were craving Halal Guys’ chicken over rice with white and hot sauce, but didn’t feel like going to the city. Instead, we tried Halal Chicken in Yonkers. We were shocked at how good and reasonably priced it was. Even their fried chicken was really good. It wasn’t overly salted and had a great light coating. We ordered before noon so everything was freshly made. I was psyched to see they were using a rice cooker.

Off the Hook in Haverstraw had some delicious fried shrimp and collard greens. The greens had huge chunks of what I think is smoked turkey but it’s been a while so I could be wrong. The restaurant is extremely low key with just a few tables. All of the fish and seafood is made to order, so you may have to wait a bit. They are 3 minutes from an Aldi’s, so that gave us some extra incentive to make the half-hour drive.


You had me at crispy roasted pig! Thanks for posting, HST!

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Ah, Off the Hook :slight_smile:
I believe you are right about the use of smoked turkey.
I am somewhat surprised but kind of happy that they have stayed under the radar, they do have a very devoted group of local followers. The staff has always been friendly, fun and laid back. I met the owners once, retired police officers they could not have been nicer. I was blown away by how friendly and down to earth they all were. These pics are several years old, I am pretty sure I posted on one of the boards but maybe not. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything there I did not like … bonus the Aldi just up 9 on the right has a terrific chocolate selection making it easier to justify the trip.


Black eyed peas, fried fish sandwich, I don’t remember what I had that day, greens.
Not pictured the wings which were dry rubbed and served whole, they gave DH a headache, I loved them. I have photos somewhere, If I find them I’ll post.


Those greens were pretty fabulous! The po’ boy looks good as well. We didn’t get the black-eyed peas, but the yams were good as was the mac and cheese, though husband always douses it with hot sauce. It was more of the casserole/kugel-type that I prefer. A return trip is coming up soon, so hopefully we can try some new things. If I’m not mistaken, husband may have had banana pudding to go that barely made it home.

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Yes the banana pudding, how did I forget. They change the fish up all the time, so if they have something you like when you are there, I recommend the po’boy. If they still use the same bread it’s worth it. EDIT: I am planning our next trip soon, thankfully we are about the same distance from them where we live now.

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just last evening went for the first time to Capers in Portchester. We were with another couple and were seeking a place that had significant fish dishes on the menu. Saw them written up in Westchester Mag (yes, I know) but the “Mediterranean” menu looked interesting. Ended up not ordering very much seafood, though a special of sautéed sea scallops were cooked perfectly, and the one of us who edges toward vegetarianism found plenty to like. In general the food and service were great, but the noise factor was overwhelming. It’s in the ex-garage where Cafe Mirage was originally.

I have also lately been going occasionally for lunch to Sundance Cantina on Mamaroneck Ave in WP. It is next door to Delicias del Jireh Peruvian, which I believe has been mentioned before here. Sundance is basically Mexican, but those who think they don’t like Mexican will be fine. It is attached to a take-out deli. I like it a lot (and the portions can be huge — I usually end up taking home leftovers.)


Well, this site definitely seems kinda dead. I just posted my usual HVRW thread on the other site, which is busier. Not sure if it pays to post here as well since I hate when people do parallel discussions.

Haven’t been anywhere great in NY recently. I did eat at Jose Enrique in San Juan during a recent cruise and it was great.

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Post here, post here!!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, ice cream! So happy for you. And sounds like your little lady’s foodie education is off to a wonderful start!!

Been a while since my last post too. Sorry to hear of less enthusiasm for HO posts. I love HO & promise to be more active! It’s been a hectic winter for me, but my resolution (unlike the ubiquitous “go to the gym regularly”) is to get out more & stop using my three spirited boys as an excuse! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I finally got to try Mission Taqueria in Pleasantville. A bit upscale Mexican - but good. The specials are a bit better than the regular menu. The tacos were ok. The pork belly ones were a little too fatty, but my friend’s steak quesadillas were very good. They just started serving brunch (I love a good huevos rancheros and migas), so I want to get back there and try that.

Finally got to Wood & Fire (Pville). Their spaghetti carbonara is out of this world. The ultimate comfort dish - I think only Pax Romana’s can rival theirs. My eyes literally rolled back in my head. The fritto misto was wonderful too - fried calamari & shrimp with jalapeño.

Stopped into Haipag Filipino restaurant at Highridge in Yonkers. Ordered some lumpia to go, since I didn’t have time to stay. Everything looked yummy and I’m looking forward to going back & trying more of the menu.

Hubby & Son #2 have colds so we stopped at Pho Corner in Bedford Hills yesterday to get some pho to take out. Delicious beef & chicken pho - with all the essentials. (I forgot to ask them for a small container of Sriracha though) Enjoyed the Vietnamese iced coffee & bubble tea.

Phew - sorry for the book, but it’s nice catching up with you. :blush:

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@Sra.Swanky So nice to see you back on HO! Speaking of Pville, have you checked out Falafel Taco? We went last weekend and loved it. I’ll try to write it up later. We topped it off with dessert from Flour and Sun.

Funnily enough I was just thinking of you yesterday because I was remembering the Burger Blast and wondering when it is this year! I doubt we’ll make it this year but if we get free tickets again I may have to enlist the grandparents to babysit!

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Nice to see you back. That carbonara sounds great. We will have to check it out!

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Thank you!! No more HO haitus for me! :blush: Yes - I really like Falafel Taco. Great food - with very unique twists. I always order the Mexiganouch - really zippy & good. They make good soup too.

The Beer & Burger Blast is Thursday, June 6th. I really would love to go too. I won’t be serving this time since License 2 Grill closed, but it’ll be cool to see it as a spectator. Let me know if you definitely go again! :slight_smile:

Hi Gwenn! Thank you! Same here! Yes - that carbonara was so memorable - definitely go & enjoy. Still dreaming about it two months later!!

I looked at the website and the Friday they have a food truck event that looks more family friendly so maybe we will hit that up instead, depending on what trucks go!

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ooh that sounds even better. I’d love to bring my kids to one of these things! Are tickets on sale yet?

Lauren -
Here is the link (I hope) to the different food festivals. The food truck festival is listed. https://www.showclix.com/event/winefood2019
I see now it is at cross county s.c. I know that they had several trucks there a few days a week, so it might also be possible to go another time (probably smaller selection) but without needing tickets.