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Terrific- thanks Rich!!!

Unfortunately the Food Truck event now says no kids allowed. I’m thinking of trying to enlist the grandparents to hit up the burger event again!

I think I just read that they have changed location and date apparently?
EDIT: https://www.lohud.com/story/life/food/2019/05/03/food-truck-mash-up-2019-bear-mountain/3661256002/

Poor choice of dates , one of my favorite events is the first weekend in june every year. The Greenwich Concours at Bruce park. Truly stunning cars and a great location if the weather is good. And yes, overpriced mediocre food is available.

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That’s a different event.

So they want you to pay $20 for early entry to get first dibs at paying for food?

As part of the Westchester Magazine’s Food & Wine Festival , they are running a food truck event at the Cross County Center on June 7th. It’s $50 and includes food and drink. This was on the page posted earlier.

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Pound Ridge is running Food Truck Friday’s again starting next Friday (5/17). Details are here:


List of food trucks (not all that impressive):



“and more” sadly sounds like the best of the bunch.
Problem of a food truck event in Westchester is that most communities do not welcome trucks so their aren’t many to choose from and trucks from other areas have no incentive of participating in a distant area without any hope of expanding their business.

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Not sure that i agree with you. This is an event that the community is running so clearly they are welcoming the trucks. I actually looked at a couple of them and they seemed decent. Yeah, you’re not going to find food trucks in Pound Ridge on a daily basis, but there wouldn’t be enough business for it to make sense, anyway.

Yorktown had some decent food trucks at the recent Spring Festival, which really shocked me The Spicy Restaurant truck was there and I had a grilled whole fish that was excellent. He’s usually at Woodbury Common but used to be at the Jefferson Valley Mall (whose food court is mostly empty these days because the mall isn’t very busy, so they have food trucks). He just got a second truck for catering. The festival also had the pizza truck from Exit 4 Food Hall (didn’t know they had one) which was pretty good. Also the Three Little Pigs BBQ truck was there as was the Bona Bona Ice Cream truck.

I think that Spicy may have their 2nd truck at hardscrabbleciderny.com when they do their Friday night music and pizza events.

Thank you for that bit of info. I had no idea about this and its very close. I’ll have to check it out.

I’d never even heard of the place before the Spicy food truck guy mentioned it to me!

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Actually, it turns out we are going to Pound Ridge this Friday. We are meeting friends from Stamford so it’s more or less in the middle. I checked the menus of the trucks and they seem pretty decent. No pizza truck, which is somewhat surprising.

Let us know how it is!!

Visit Connecticut is an impressive and comprehensive website, they list all of the 2019 food truck festivals , and lots more. Just type food truck festivals in their search engine … definitely worth checking out if you are able to travel a bit EDIT: it’s the ctvisit site not visit Connecticut

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