Hey - We Made The Papers....

Well - not the NY Times but still…



Congratulations! Now I better understand the references you make in your posts on HO.

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Hard work and dedication. Congrats!

Thank you for supporting our local farmers and for providing this much needed and greatly appreciated service.

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Nice job John! I will get by one of these days and buy some products.

TY all. We do try to support our local farmers. 90% of our produce comes from NJ farms & orchards. These guys are great. The local farmers are dedicated & really work hard. We get some spectacular produce from these guys. It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff is still grown here in the Garden State.

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Congratulations!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Congratulations. on your success and commitment to excellence.


John - congratulations from the eastern side of the Atlantic. It’s important that traditional preserves continue to be made and sold - they are part of our shared food heritage.

Sorry for drifting off-topic but, with the mention in the article of giardiniera products, can you offer me some advice on them , please? Do you know if giardiniera are a traditional Italian product or Italian American. Reason for asking is that I’ve only ever seen mention of them on American websites. We have one Italian deli in the metro area here and I know they don’t stock it. Maybe I should try and mkae it.

It’s an easy thing to make John & common here. My great aunts who came from Italy used to make it & I always liked it because of the pickled cauliflower in it. It’s really an ‘end of the garden’ kind of pickle so I assume they made it before they came to the US with whatever was left at the end of the season.

Our basic recipe is Cauliflower, carrots, celery, red & green peppers, red onions (or peeled white pearl onions), pepperoncini peppers & artichoke hearts. Just balance he amounts of veggies however you like - more or less. Wash all the veggies & cut them up. The brine is 50/50 vinegar & water with 1 T of pickling spice per quart of brine. I add about 1 tsp of red pepper flakes per quart also. Bring the brine to a boil, pack sterile jars & pour on the brine. Process 10 mins for pints & 20 mins for quarts in a boiling water bath.

The advantage to making it yourself is that after the first batch you can alter it to your exact taste preference. Good luck!


Thanks, John. I don’t have a recollection of the water bath treatment so that’s possibly where i went wrong. I know it’s an “end of season” pickle and very like our traditional piccalili (although without the turmeric)

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Congratulations! I never knew.

Do you have an online store? I’d love to purchase some of your products.

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John, do you know about the Asbury Park Food Collective? I’ve been reading about more and more of our local businesses moving in there… not exactly next door for you, but worth checking it out? https://asburyparkfoodcollective.com

Kudos !!!

Terrific! Congrats to you and your wife.


Nice Story ! Congrats!

Awesome!!! I love what you’re doing with local produce!
Please don’t hesitate to share if there’s a way to order online :smile:

Thank you all for your support. I’m almost going to blush here. We have also had tremendous support from our customers. They just keep buying it up almost faster than we can make it. We really haven’t done a lot of online selling mostly because since we use local produce our products are seasonal so the product list is changing all the time. This year especially has been kind of difficult for us and the local farmers because the produce has come in & out of season vey quickly. So there would be constant updating of the product list & a strong possibility that a lot of orders would be out of stock because the season ended. But - we are pondering on this and it may well happen in the near future.

Thanks for the tip Curlz but we need our own space now. We’ve had pretty good luck finding nearby rented space but now our needs have grown & we need our own fulltime kitchen. This is in the works and I expect that’ll happen in short order.

Again - thank you all very much. I’ll keep you all posted with additional stuff as it happens.

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