Hey #JCOstiones and #Jaymes



Hey…S’up yerself?


Coded messages??? Secret handshake???

Hi Jaymes. Hope you’re having the time of your life out there in Shiner!

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Nah, I just hadn’t seen either one post in a while. I finally had to text Jaymes, but still no sign of oyster boy. Last I looked he hadn’t been seen on the site since October. I’m concerned.


I have been also. I tagged both Oysters and got no response.

I’ve see Jaymes recently, happy as a clam, just busy.


Yep. Hasn’t posted since last September. He always posted on lots of boards, not just Houston/Texas.

And what has happened to Miss Bille? She hasn’t posted since last August.


Snow’s just posted this on their FB page:

:bangbang:T O O T S I E​:bangbang:

She is STRONG.
She is devoted to her craft.
She is full of energy.
She is tough as nails.
She loves people.
She is feisty.
She is intense.
She is BOSSY. #iykyk
She is the HARDEST worker.
She is sharp.
She is strong-willed.
She is dynamic.
She is a fireball.
She is a LEGEND!

SHE IS 87!!

Help us wish this special lady a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We love you Ms. Tootsie!

:camera_flash: Wyatt McSpadden


Yeah. Her birthday was the 21st I think.

Still strong and feisty. And the nicest person you could meet.

And how are you? The family?

When are you gonna have Lambsy drive Bruce and me out for your country cooking? :laughing:


I would absolutely love a visit from all y’all. And the @jcostiones family said they were coming, since they got married pertnear these parts, but they never did.

Just pick a day & let me know. I would say, y’all come for Sunday dinner, but Mr Lambsy is tied up every Sunday - figuratively speaking.

As far as you know. :wink:



I’m passing the I-10 exit to Shiner right now! Look out your window, maybe you can see me wave :laughing:. I can’t stop though because I started in El Paso this morning and I need to get home stat. But I’ll start an El Paso thread and report my eats during the past week. :grimacing:


Gosh…next time, take a quick detour!

Why don’t you come see? We’ll do up the town! Run the bars! Dine on restaurant row!

Actually, we’ll just have a Shiner at the gas station. :beer:

But come anyway!


They pump Shiner at the gas stations out there? Big underground tank and all? :rofl: No wonder you wanted to re-locate.

Actually, I have been thinking about a quick trip to East Bernard or Bellville for some sausages. That’s about half way. I haven’t even been to Katy’s AsiaTown yet.

Thanks for the invite.

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Your gas station was on Texas Bucket today.


Hey, thanks. Fun!

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Yeah, I saw that too! Jaymes holding out on us!!

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Y’all are welcome here anytime. We’ll go to Howard’s for a cold Shiner on tap & then come here for a right proper feast!

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