Hey #JCOstiones and #Jaymes

And welcome back. And… sorry about the misspelling - never noticed it before.

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And btw, just where is that El Paso thread? I seem to have missed it.

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Oops. Turns out we didn’t go anywhere memorable. A couple of times to a popular breakfast place called The Village Inn. A terrible snack at Landry’s because I knew I could get a martini there :laughing: Visited Grimaldi’s and PF Chang while looking at their great new outdoor mall Fountains at Farah. There are some locally popular West Tex Mex I’ve been to in the past like L&J Cafe, Kiki’s, Carlos & Mickey’s and Julio’s which I can recommend. We were visiting for unpleasant reasons involving moving a family member and didn’t have much of an appetite really.

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I see wifeacita here so that’s encouraging.


Hi Jaymes, Wifacita here.

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How are y’all doing?

NotDoobieWah, Jaymes, Lambowner, Bruce. My beautiful husband JCOstiones went searching for the huge OYSTER in heaven everyone.
You know how much he loved OYSTERS!!! *See you all in our next get together. Hopefully.
I love ya’ll.


Deepest condolences, wifacita. I am sorry for your big loss and sorry for our loss.

We have missed you both so much and will look forward to seeing you. I bet they had them prepared everyway he liked them!

God bless.


My worst fear.

So sorry. Are you still in Houston? We’ll have to get Jaymes to pop into town for a meet up as soon as possible.

Please stay in touch.


So sorry to hear. Loved having him chime in on the NJ board from time to time as we made him an honorary NJ’er. My condolences.


Condolences @wifacita. I follow the Texas chatter from time to time because my husband is a Longhorn (UT-Austin and UT-Houston). I always smiled when he mentioned you in his posts - his love for you shone through.


Oh @wifacita this is hard news. He was the life of the party here on HO. So happy you plan to hang with us. Thinking of you.


Deep deep sorrow. He was a wonderful, unique guy with an interesting outlook on things and a great sense of humor. I kept hoping y’all would come out this way for a meetup.

As NotDW mentioned, I’d love to drive into town for a proper goodbye to our old friend. :disappointed_relieved:


Today is his Birthday and tomorrow is mine. It will never be the same for me. I would love a meet up with the HO gang again. He would chime in all the boards. New Jersey was a favorite of his. See ya"ll soon. Hope. Love Wifacita


This did not just happen, I’m sorry for that. I tried more than several times to tell you all but broke down.
It’s going close to a year. To be clear found him on our anniversary.


My condolences, @wifacita - I so enjoyed reading @jcostiones thoughts. He had such a wonderful way of seeing the world and expressing himself. Often I’d pause to enjoy a nugget of wisdom and a chuckle or two.

When he spoke of you it was with great love and respect.

I am so sorry he has passed.

Laura (from California)


I agree. I loved that relationship. He was so clearly crazy about his Wifecita. :broken_heart:


Hi! HO Gang It’s that time again OYSTER SEASON! We must celebrate!


Can we get Some of the folks together for oyster HOdown??


I am definitely long overdue for some slurpin’ action. Don’t know how many I could handle.

Unfortunately, we need to be aware of this:

Just to see what gets added to the ‘making people sick’ claim.

I know there are private leases that seem to seldom be affected by state decrees. Jeri’s in Anahuac on Trinity Bay is one not included in this action although Trinity is part of the Galveston Bay system. And Matagorda Bay, which James preferred as the best Texas oysters as I recall, is not included either.

So are these closures just going to affect prices?