Herby crepe recipe - help me find where this idea came from!


First let me acknowledge the ridiculousness of this request - and thank you for the indulgence.

I have a clear memory of a picture of a stack of thin crepes (pancakes?) with crispy edges loaded with finely cut mixed herbs (parsley and dill or fennel). I can’t find it anywhere I have done several regular and image searches on google combing terms like ‘green’, ‘herb’, ‘parsley’, ‘chive’, ‘pancake’, ‘crepe’ etc - no luck.

I’ve searched my cookbooks. I’ve searched my most stalked food blogs (smitten kitchen, 101cookbooks, food52, seriousEats), and epicures.

No luck.

I do feel like this was a leading image on a popular site and I must be forgetting which one.

Any ideas - I’ve spent several fruitless hours on this quest!


Well, I don’t have an image, but I make a savory mille crepe cake filled with duxelles or spinach. Herby cream cheese sounds good, too.

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What does it matter where the picture came from? You make a crepe batter, mince some herbs, and stir them in.

Sometimes blini (small, herbed crepes or pancakes) are topped with sour cream and caviar. Jacques Pepin did this on one of his programs.




Are you talking about the Shanghainese scallion pancake?

It was a year ago, I am sure you have already found the answer.


Thanks for the reply. It isn’t, although I love scallion pancakes! I can still see the picture so clearly and I don’t think I imagined it. I have a pretty good memory, but I can’t always place the scenes back in context. So frustrating! If I ever figure it out I’ll post.

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Nice to revive this thread in this season of leftovers. Crepe filling!

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I think I know the type you’re talking about - I thought I saved the link somewhere over the summer but I guess not… will look again.

ETA: I couldn’t find the stack image, but these were some I had saved - I was looking for both savory crepes and crespelles, and also maybe an Eastern European version.

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Was it this Persian egg dish? https://www.themediterraneandish.com/kuku-sabzi-persian-baked-omelet/

Oops not in reply to saregama


Nope, but that looks amazing!