Hémicycle, Paris 7

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Onz, thanks for another beautifully done review. The context you provide — including demographics — is both illuminating and useful.

The sound level you describe (and now I am remembering Dr. John’s dB measuring device that he often used) probably is enough to keep this off our list. But I’m interested in more about the chef here, “Flavio Lucarini, who previously had been at … Bistrot Flaubert.”

We had a fabulous dinner there (Flaubert) in mid July, and have been thinking about returning soon. Now I’m wondering if he’d already departed there by the time we down to there?

In any event, thanks for this — and all of your recent reviews, so delightfully rich in content.


The “lack of soul” maybe a problem for me as well as the NY prices on the (to me not interesting) à la carte menu. But your reasonably priced, interesting lunch menu seems a draw. Also, what is with the different seats at the tables. Some look very comfortable with arms, and then there are the flimsy kind of tulip seats that look like office furniture to me. Anyway, I might be tempted for lunch at some point to try…And thanks for the review of a restaurant, again not on my radar.

Thanks, onz. My reply is over here.

Hey onz, I just remembered a question I meant to ask you. You described an amuse bouche at Hémicycle as “the creamy plate being whipped marscapone with a smoked hay sauce”. Was that meant to be eaten with bread, with some veggie or just by itself?

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I adored my lunch at Hémicycle for the food as much as the ambiance. But a very power lunch insider kind of ambiance and lots of table hopping to say hi to business contacts and old friends from uni. And, the day I was there, a bit of glamour thanks to the presence of a few famous fashionistas. Yet, I agree that it is far less suitable for tourists, especially older ones.

Because the clientele is not supplied by central casting, the tone and restaurant theatre likely change daily and from lunch to dinner. I’ll also note that my parents went for dinner with friends and enjoyed it immensely.

With a spoon, although one could have used bread, too,

I went back to Hémicycle last week. I urge you to try it, if you can.

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We just went to Hémicycle today. I will do a longer write-up in due time, but I just wanted to add now, that our meal was excellent, and the 49E Menu Dejeuner is a bigger steal than the one at Les Parisiens, with 3 fabulous amuses-bouche plus wonderful mignardises to go along with great house-made bread and butter and the entrée-plat-dessert.

Many thanks, @onzieme, for the rec!

You’re welcome, @andygottlieb42. I just returned to Paris today and have a dinner reservation at Hémicycle for next month (first time I’ll have been there at dinner as opposed to lunch). I’ll report back then.

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