Help selecting a new toaster oven.

Looking to replace our Breville 800 that just broke. Don’t want another Breville, this one only lasted about 3 years before it completely died. The fan also got loud early on and the spring for the oven door broke, leaving the door to randomly fall open.

Was looking at the Wolf counter top oven. Any input on the Wolf or anything else I should consider?

Hi Rick,

I’ve purchased two toaster ovens, a smaller “toaster,” and a substantial “Roaster,” both by Oster. They are inexpensive, and have performed flawlessly. My toaster oven has full manual controls, and I’ve learned to make the necessary adjustments to do toast, English muffins, and bagels exactly as I want them. No automatic sensor system can outperform the knowledgeable user. It also can be used as an oven–and has a convection fan.

My “Roaster” has automatic controls much like one would have for any oven and has a convection setting.

You may find that going cheaper is also better.


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On another forum, people seem to love the Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection oven.

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I have a small-ish Oster, too – mine’s a little bigger than a standard toaster oven, and makes 4 slices of toast. I found it at WalMart for $39.

There was the inevitable learning period, but I now have my morning toast down to an art.

It’s big enough to do a frozen pizza (this is important with a teenager in the house) but the convection makes nice work of pastries, a half-dozen cookies, etc.

I’m actually really pleased with its performance – I needed to replace an older toaster oven that wasn’t working well any more, and I’ve been really happy with this one. It’s nice to be able to make a pizza or a baked potato without heating up the house.