Help!...Needed with chocolate cream frosting!

Simple recipe from , probably behind a pay wall.

The ingredients are
1 ½ cups heavy cream
16 ounces semisweet chocolatec hopped fine
⅓ cup corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

I’ve been making this recipe for decades . The copy I use was printed on 3/25/2005-I make it every year for husband’s birthday. Initially I made it with a a significant amount of milk chocolate. That made it tricky to get an acceptable consistency, but husband liked it sweet. I have gradually reduced the amount of milk chocolate, but this year I couldn’t find any milk chocolate at all! I have 64 percent “semi sweet” from Guitard in SF.

Is there a way to add a bit more sweetness? I have some Ghirardelli white chocolate with a best by February 2019 date, and some Hershey’s milk chocolate chips. And of course granulated and powdered sugar, corn syrup.

It goes on a " rich and tender yellow layer cake".

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My only strong opinion is about the Hershey’s chips I’ve had in the past; they’re the opposite of the old Miller Lite ad: “Tastes terrible, just as filling”. :expressionless:

Maybe Hershey sends better chocolate to your area than to mine… I hope so…

I’m not a fan of white chocolate by itself, but as a sweetener for other chocolate it seems like a good idea to me.

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“Maybe Hershey sends better chocolate to your area than to mine…”

Probably not. My kids left them here. I was more worried about the stuff that makes it’s keep it shape than flavor. I’m thinking the proportion of actual chocolate would be small.

Does anyone know if melted white chocolate will blend with melted chocolate? I might have time to experiment.


Is this ganache or something fluffier?

But yes - just add sugar - melt it in with the chocolate. I always adjust sweetness - have not had consistent chocolate all year.

I don’t like the taste of Hershey’s chocolate (cocoa is fine). The white chocolate will definitely give you sweetness too - but why waste it here when you can just use sugar.

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Thank you so much!

Not fluffy at all.

You warm the heavy cream, pour it over chopped chocolate, leave for few minutes, add corn syrup and vanilla, then stir until blended. Then you stir every 30 minutes or so until its the right consistency.

Will that melt granulated sugar? How do you make yours?

I find that perfect consistency happens in a tiny window, especially when it’s mostly semisweet chocolate.

I am about to toss the white chocolate, so why not? It is cocoa butter and sugar, right?

Here’s a 50:50 mix with nothing else added.

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When taste-testing your mix, don’t forget that the corn syrup is going to make it even sweeter.

Good point! Good thing I’m not eating it!

Do you know what purpose the corn syrup serves? Some recipes just have cream and chocolate, and I seem to recall it was not just for sweetness.

I found this.
Toolbox Talk: Corn Syrup in Royal Icing

You mentioned a tricky window for consistency, and you mentioned a birthday. I suggest an absolute minimum of rocking of the proverbial boat. :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, it will, you can totally make your own custom blend of milk chocolate

if you were going to add granulated sugar, you’d want to dissolve it in the warm cream first


Thank you! So nice to have the ear of those with so much experience.

To all of you, please know I don’t take it for granted.


I don’t have a good answer for the corn syrup except that you can skip it if you want

Husband thought the flavor was perfect. I made the spreadable window, but not the gloss one. Oh well. Still willing to share.


Looks fabulous!

I never use corn syrup - I think it’s for glossiness?

And to answer your qs about the sugar (for another time) - you could add it to the cream when you heat it. I just do all that in the microwave (chocolate, topped with cream, 30s bursts with stirring in between).

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That looks great! I hope the [singing/candles/other customs as locally appointed] all went well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Although husband scraped and ate all the frosting bowls, we are only at the dinner part, which I will share on the WFD thread.


:raising_hand_man:t3: Taste tester here!

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This time for fathers day. It’s too hot here!

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