Help, need an idea.

I need a side dish for steaks I’m cooking tonight. I have Yukon Gold potatoes, some leftover Ricotta and a little heavy cream. I’d like to make something like baked scalloped potatoes and I’m hoping one of you has a good idea, thanks!

I’d just make scalloped potatoes with a ricotta layer. I’ve made a scalloped potatoes with a feta layer in the middle a while back, that turned out well.

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Should I put eggs or a starch (flour, cornstarch etc.) in the ricotta so it firms up? Thanks!


Never cooked them including ricotta with the cream but it should work.

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I probably wouldn’t myself, but there are a lot of online recipes, if you Google ricotta scalloped potatoes or ricotta potato gratin.

Here is a recipe with an egg

If you want, just sub ricotta for feta here (no egg)

Here is a bake I made ages ago.

I find ricotta pretty tasteless… hopefully you have some parm or other more flavorful cheese you can add to it.

Add the ricotta, cream, and butter to a sauce pan on medium heat and stir until melted/creamy. Add some thyme and salt to taste. Drizzle this on top of each layer and top with parm (or whatever else you have).

With meats, I like 'em a little crustier so I’ll do them in two layers on a sheet pan. Initially covered with foil until they’re tender. Then uncovered until they are browned and crispy.

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I’m with many in that I wouldn’t add the ricotta to the potatoes. Maybe you can find a tasty app to make with it?

My scalloped potatoes have cream, a STO fresh crushed garlic, crushed rosemary, more salt than seems reasonable, paprika, and a dash of cayenne. Cheeses are generally shredded Gruyère & Parm.

You could also do hot crash potatoes or pommes Anna.


Thanks for the suggestions! I ended up making scalloped potatoes. First, I combined the ricotta in a saucepan with heavy cream, egg, rice flour, sodium citrate, onion and garlic powders. I peeled and sliced the potatoes on a mandolin then layered them with the ricotta mixture, salt & pepper, parmesan and butter. My wife was CRAZY for it, me I’d give it a 7.5.


You probably could have pureed everything but the potato, then done the layering or diced the potato, blend with the sauce, bake.