Help me conquer enriched sourdough breads

I do well with various non-enriched sourdoughs, but in over a year of trying I haven’t had a single real success with an enriched dough (a dough that includes fats and/or sweeteners). I know that enriched doughs need to proof longer, but my doughs are still nowhere near ready after hours beyond what any recipe recommends. I don’t believe kitchen temperature is an issue because other breads turn out fine. Is it just a matter of more and more time, or is there a trick I don’t know? The closest I’ve gotten to acceptable texture when once when I proofed a dough for 2 full days at room temperature, then still put it in the fridge overnight. Those sweet rolls were pleasant, but still not the correct texture. Help please, sourdough bakers!

I can’t answer this question myself, but the people on r/Sourdough on Reddit could. I follow that sub and have learned a ton just by reading it.

Have you tried osmotolerant yeast. It’s intended for enriched doughs, it gives an extra boost. SAF is a good brand that I use for (plain) enriched breads, I can’t recall if I’ve used it on an enriched sourdough, as I’m not sure I’ve made one.

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Very interesting! Thank you. I read THIS article, and it certainly explains a couple of non-sourdough failures I’ve had in the past.

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