help me choose a chest freezer

I’m thinking about getting a chest freezer for extra storage, something about 5 cubic feet. Any yay/meh/nays on specific brands? Thanks!

I just saw this, so it may be too late. At around the same date you were looking for one, so was I. I got this one for $202.00 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. It has been working very well. Almost no frost buildup, some places 1/8" or none at all, and it has been almost three months so far. Holds steady at -10F and it is set to around 9 out of ten coldness. I thought it was small at first, but now I realize it’s huge. I have so much stuff in there.

Thanks, I ended up getting a 5 cubic foot as well. I’m already finding that its kind of small, but I guess that is encouragement to not stockpile too much stuff. And it was easy to fit down the narrow basement stairs, which was a concern.

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