Help identifying All Clad size of skillet

I’m guessing this is an All Clad 4 quart

I was considering the 3 quart but will it be too small for recipes this?
Thanks so much

Hi, welcome to the Hungry Onion.

I would be pretty uncomfortable trying to load a pound each of pasta, sausage, and beans, along with a quart of cherry tomatoes, into that 3 quart sauté pan.

I’m thinking a pound of orecchiette, once cooked, will be at least a quart in volume, maybe +1.5 quarts, the 2 pints (quart) of tomatoes are another quart, and the 1 lb each of beans and sausage together are roughly another quart. So - either over-full or at best, no room to stir, even if the onion and garlic and what not fit into the spaces between the tomatoes or pasta.

P.S. Sur la table has a similar 4 quart AllClad D3 (both “ear” type handles instead of one being a long handle, slightly more rounded shape) for $120 instead of $200.

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Thank you! That is a really nice pan and great price! Hmmmm you have a great point on crowding now I’m wondering if I get a LC or Staub ECI 5 quart braiser?

I already have 7 qt and 4 quart Staub ECI dutch ovens though.
Lately I have been making a lot of one pot skillet dinners and braising meats too.

I would go 5 or 6 qt. I’m pretty sure All-Clad has a 6 qt stainless braiser. My LC 5 qt braiser is gorgeous but very very heavy.

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Welcome. I’m relatively happy with using 4 quart and 7.5 quart Dutch ovens, so I’m not sure I’d add a 4 quart sauté (either of the ones you and I linked). Except for one thing - my 4 quart DO is steep walled.

Those 4 quart sauté/casserole we both linked are much shallower and much more useful, overall than many 4 quart DOs that I see. So if I didn’t have something that already fit that bill (but I do - LoL - a $14, sauté pan (4 quart capacity) from Aldi, plus an unused copy-in-waiting of the same in the pantry), I’d be pretty tempted to get that WS 4 quart at $120.

The 5 quart LD/Staub ECI are going to be double the cost. Of course, you get an extra quart capacity. Just depends on how much you need it. Also form factor considerations, as I haven’t looked at either Zwilling/Staub or LC 5-quart ECI - do they have lower-walled stuff (elliptical, maybe) at that volume.

Decisions, decisions…

P.S. Note there are tons of members here much more knowledgeable about cookware/bakeware than I am. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Yeah good point about the braiser being too heavy!

I only have one small ss skillet (cheapo one) it’s not holding up too well.I threw out my big ss skillet last year ,it had massive dents and it warped.I’m guessing it was a 3 quart? I had it for about 25 years. I’d love a bigger one.I probably will go for the All Clad 5 or 6 quart.
I’m going to look at some skillets tomorrow.

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I need to look at the 5 & 6 All Clads.
The price on the 4 quart is awesome! I wonder why it’s marked down?