Help cover Hungry Onion's costs when you shop at Amazon!

Yes! With a caveat. Only the full link will do. Those shortened links won’t.

I believe its an either/ or. I believe Amazon Smile is also a form of referral program.

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If nobody beats me to it I’m starting a “What I just bought at Amazon via HO” thread.


@hungryonion As @bcc has stated, I’m a non-Amazon shopper (although we are not Amazon atheists; I shop at Whole Foods and have an Amazon VISA; hubby is the main driver of our Amazon activities but he has curtailed his Amazon shopping perhaps to keep me happy :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

How else can we support HO? I would be willing to pay, either as a subscription or as a one-time contribution. I feel like this topic came up before but I can’t look that up right now.

I’d be willing to do whatever I can to help sustain this community. Except shop at Amazon. :woman_shrugging:t2:


How’d that go?

@hungryonion do you want to pin this thread to the top of the landing page?


Yes please. I thought it may generate a bit of traffic, but it seems not!

Can you do that for me, or as OP do I have to get involved?

I’d say let’s see how much funds the Amazon affiliate program is able to generate first. If we have enough, then that may be the only program we need.

Thanks for supporting though!


The application still shows as pending. I guess they are off for Thanksgiving just like we are as well.

We already have a fund raising discussion at the top of the landing page so i think let’s keep that one pinned for now to generate attention. Thanks for the idea though!

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They finally came back and declined the application. No reason given. I guess maybe they don’t like the Amazon link so prominently…! :rofl:


It seems that they reject a lot of application.


I avoid Amazon and Walmart.

I go out of my way to buy local or support smaller businesses.

I’ll keep sharing links to threads to HO- maybe some people who read the links I share will buy something through Amazon.


Please post a way to make a donation directly to HO. I will be happy to contribute once I get home, as I am wary of doing anything financial online from a public wifi connection. I have been in rehab nursing homes after losing all strength in my legs over two months ago, when I coded due to an error in a routine procedure for arrhythmia. I probably won’t get home for s few more weeks.


Sorry to hear of your medical issues. Fingers crossed for a full recovery soon.



Best wishes for recovery!

Best wishes!

Oh my!
Take care :heartpulse:

Wishing you a good recovery!

Help cover Hungry Onion's costs when you shop at Amazon!

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