Help cover Hungry Onion's costs when you shop at Amazon!

Hi all!

Over the last few years we were able to run Hungry Onion with not a lot of resources. That’s a point of pride for us because its a lovely little (if I may say so) site that many enjoy and we don’t have to plaster ads everywhere to fund that. The low cost model, however, has a downside which is that we don’t have the resource to do some of the things that can bring us more members and participation. And that’s important for a forum because critical mass means everything. The costs of running the site- web server, email server, CDN, etc- has been steadily increasing also with more members, readers, and page views.

No, we aren’t adding ads to the site and we don’t need them- they are distracting and unwieldy. Instead we are adding a couple of hopefully non-intrusive links to Amazon- one at the top of the page, another at the bottom. Every time you click the Amazon link and then shop there, the site gets a small ‘referral’ commission. If you already shop at Amazon regularly, all you need to do is to click that link each time you want to shop, and then do your shopping. These referral commissions, while small, do add up, and help tremendously in covering the monthly cost of running the site. If there are funds left over after covering the basic site costs, then the extra funds can be invested back into the site in the form of iOS/ Android apps, social tools, etc. that will increase members and participation.

Thanks all for your support!!


Good idea.

It gives me a dilemma. Another (non-food) niche forum I know also funds itself mainly through an Amazon sales link (as well as periodic requests for donations). Do I continue to spend there, spend here, divide my allegiances? Gosh, this virtual world is tough.


Question from non US and Canadian members. @sck , can you also get the percentage from the UK amazon or FR amazon store for example or only from the North American stores?

naf - my link is going to so I assume it’ll be OK for all “not North Americans”.

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Lol! We’ve been seeing each other for so long that its time to talk about exclusivity… :rofl:


I have to set up the Amazon UK FR CA links. They are a little different. Let me look into it today. Thanks!

It looks like Amazon UK FR CA are smart enough to handle the referrals properly when a link is clicked.


I love the site… but I rarely shop Amazon. Any chance you can also engage as a WalMart Affiliate? This is where I buy most of my pantry staples and kitchen stuff.

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Interesting (as least to this technophobe) but they link at the top of the page indicates it’s going to but, in fact, for me it goes to their UK site at

I would be willing to make an annual contribution to the site, but I refuse to use Amazon. I had a bad experience with them, and will not return.


just buy more, @harters :joy:

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I filed the affiliate application to Walmart. Let’s see what they say.

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I’m thinking of inviting our local Amazon delivery guy for Christmas dinner. He’s here so often he’s almost one of the family.


@hungryonion We sometimes post links to items on Amazon or elsewhere - if someone clicks that link can you get the affiliate referral commission, or does it have to be explicitly through the link you posted?

It’s possible via PayPal. Both parties need to set up accounts.

Do you know if this works with Amazon smile? I work with a non profit that gets funds (@ a whopping $20.00/year) when I shop through there.

Yes! With a caveat. Only the full link will do. Those shortened links won’t.

I believe its an either/ or. I believe Amazon Smile is also a form of referral program.

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If nobody beats me to it I’m starting a “What I just bought at Amazon via HO” thread.


@hungryonion As @bcc has stated, I’m a non-Amazon shopper (although we are not Amazon atheists; I shop at Whole Foods and have an Amazon VISA; hubby is the main driver of our Amazon activities but he has curtailed his Amazon shopping perhaps to keep me happy :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

How else can we support HO? I would be willing to pay, either as a subscription or as a one-time contribution. I feel like this topic came up before but I can’t look that up right now.

I’d be willing to do whatever I can to help sustain this community. Except shop at Amazon. :woman_shrugging:t2: