Hello from new member from Brooklyn

Just wanted to say hello-My name is Rob, I live in Prospect Heights and I am a food enthusiast. I travel a lot (I’m a musician) so great to see so many new tips, reviews, etc. Anyway hoping to meet some of you in person one of these days on a Hungry Onion outing!


Hello! Carroll Gardens here :slight_smile: I don’t post much in the regional forums but maybe I should start :slight_smile: What’s your favorite place to eat in your neck of the woods?

Hi, mig! Not so much that I’m crazy about locally. I lean towards Chinese when it’s good but there’s nothing really notable that I know locally. I do like going to Flushing and Elmhurst for such. What about your neighborhood? Also where else would one post?

I post mainly in the Cooking topics.

Let’s see… I was for years obsessed with the soup of the day at Zaytoon’s (it was beef+veg, lamb+veg or chicken+veg), which sadly closed its Carroll Gardens outpost before the pandemic, forcing me to travel to Prospect Heights for a bowl of soup :wink: I also love Dominican or Puerto Rican neighborhood joints for pernil, empanadas and sancocho. There’s one on Smith Street I like, El Nuevo Portal. I like sushi at Osaka on Court Street, and the extremely excellent French pastry (especially kouign-amann and the individual quiches) at Le French Tart, also on Court. There’s far too much good pastry in the nabe, specifically Bien Cuit for French and Konditori for Swedish.

There was never good Thai in the neighborhood (only very sweet Americanized stuff) until Ugly Baby opened. Unfortunately I found it so incredibly spicy I abandoned my plate, but I know many adventurous eaters make it a point to get there.


Welcome! I was born in Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy), grew up in Queens, young adult in the Bronx, and my daughter lives in Brooklyn ( apparently Crown Heights right now). I am in California now, and post a lot in Food Gardens ( my dad had one in Queens!), and don’t anticipate any outings, but welcome anyway!

good to see you here, Rob!!! there are a couple of pending meet-ups, ,maybe you can join one of them.

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Great to see you on Hungry Onion, Rob!

Hi, Dave! Yeah just getting going here checking out the lay of the land-where and how things are done here!

Greetings! A bunch of us have been meeting for dinner fairly regularly, so keep an eye on the NYC board in case there’s an outing you’d like to join.

Hi Rob, great to have you here. I like this phrase of your’s.

Much better than foodie.

mig, check out Hibino. So much better than Osaka IMO. Best sushi in the area.

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Welcome @RSchwim!

Not in Brooklyn, but hope to meet you at an outing, and to see you on the NYC boards here!

welcome! we lived in the heights for ten years before moving to westchester for the next 25. Now that we’re back in nyc, we’ve been back a bunch of times and surprisingly, some of our old haunts are still around.

No love for caputo’s lard bread? Ot a whole pie at Sams?

That would be nice! Hoping for the same!

Hi, Jen! Sounds fun!

Not really my neighborhood… but sounds good!

It’s not too far to walk though. When the weather clears a little maybe that’ll be a nice mosey…

I never got the love for Sam’s. So so pizza. There’s so much better pizza in the area. If you were there that long ago, Christardi’s (spelling?) was exponentially better.

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Cristardi’s (sp?) was great. Fresh roasted garlic served w/bread & pizza that (in memory, at least) rivaled that currently served at Lucali.

I don’t want to go down the rabbithold about what’s good pizza, sam’s is a throwback to another era and his pie is somewhat unique. I was there on a pizza tour with a number of pizza obsessives, it did very well out of the ten or so places we visited. Also, there are all these faux old-nyc restaurants, sam’s the real deal.

I don’t remember Cristardi’s, guess I missed it. I was a big fan of ninos, especially for their shrimp fra diavalo heros.

anyhow, my apologies, I should have replied to @mig , he’s in carrol gardens.

Not sure if this is in the right place but since I missed Xing Ming, please keep me in the loop re group plans. Really hoping to join in the festivities!