Heirloom tomatoes

I’m interested to know what the prices for organic heirloom tomatoes are/were in your area. I think heirloom (but not necessarily organic) at local farm stands were $3.50-$4 per pound here.

the real actual farm stands here - as opposed to people buying produce out of the Phila center and passing it off as . . . . - don’t have scales. tomatoes at high season are 25 cents a pop. half-bushel of canners (blems, rejects, whatever you want to call them) runs $2

now, we do have one place with seriously higher prices - right along a main road. I don’t shop there.

I’m north of Boston MA and the farm at which we shop is selling “their own” heirloom tomatoes for 5.99 a pound. (Wilsons for those in this area).

$2.25-$3 at the farmer’s markets around NorCal.